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Detect and remove rootkits with GMER

Rootkits are particularly insidious and hard to eradicate. A tool like GMER—one that is dedicated to detecting and removing rootkits—is often a better way to handle a suspected rootkit infection.

Google finds unauthorized certificate for domain

Google has taken steps to close potential security holes created by a fraudulent certificate for its domain, discovered in late December.


New year's tech resolutions: Best digital practices for 2013

How to enjoy better online security, faster PC performance, and lower technology prices in the year ahead.

2012's worst security exploits, fails and blunders

Stolen social security numbers. Erased online identities. Pilfered payment information, and even hacked hotel locks. Yep, 2012 was a banner year for the bad guys.

Ransomware scammers push panic button with bogus claims

Cyber extortionists shilling "ransomware" have upped the ante by pushing users' panic buttons with claims that their malware will wipe hard drives, a security firm said Monday.

After claiming Verizon attack, hacker and the spoils disappear

Hours after boasting about the theft of 3 million records from Verizon Wireless, the hacker claiming responsibility for the attack and the purloined data posted to Pastebin have disappeared from the Web. Verizon denies the data involved customer files, while a security expert says it was old.

Cyberattack data sharing may be on horizon

The National Strategy for Information Sharing and Safeguarding is seen as a small step as lawmakers struggle with much broader regulations governing data sharing between government and private industry.

McAfee's business takes reputation beating after founder fled police

In the wake of his Belize neighbor's unsolved murder, John McAfee's lurch through the news damaged the reputation of his namesake, the security company McAfee Inc., a brand expert said Thursday.

Recent botnets busted by FBI were lame, but still dangerous

A criminal organization recently busted by law enforcement distributed malware on Facebook using two separate botnets built from tools that are easily found in the hacker underground, a security expert said. The operation shows that deep technical knowledge is not needed to run a lucrative botnet.

eset research

Mobile malware: It's bad now, but will be worse in 2013

The Cybersecurity company Eset predicts Android infections will grow next year, as more people use their smartphones for banking and other operations tempting to thieves.

Smart TV hack highlights risk of 'The Internet of Everything'

As the use of smart connected devices expands, so do threats because while they may not look like computers, they are.


Adobe drags Google into Microsoft's Patch Tuesday

Google has been dragged into adopting rival Microsoft's Patch Tuesday, a move that is fall out from action Adobe took last month.

Safe online shopping: 10 tips to avoid getting burned

Here are 10 easy ways to ensure you're being as safe as possible when shopping online.