Don't-Miss Security software Stories

Leaked Apple UDIDs were stolen from digital publishing firm

The unique identifiers of 1 million Apple iOS devices that hackers leaked last week were stolen from the servers of a Florida-based digital publishing firm...

Mobile malware shifts to SMS fraud

The new name in fraud has become the top threat globally in the first quarter of this year, accounting for 62% of all application-based threats.

Firefox 15.0.1 fixes bug that exposed websites visited in private browsing mode

Mozilla released Firefox 15.0.1 on Thursday in order to fix a bug that potentially exposed the websites visited by users while in "Private Browsing" mode.

Tool allows Mac OS X hackers with root access to easily extract keychain data

A new tool allows Mac OS X attackers with root OS access to easily steal the keychain password data of logged in users and reinforces the dangers of granting...

Security researchers to present new 'CRIME' attack against SSL/TLS

Two security researchers claim to have developed a new attack that can decrypt session cookies from HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) connections.

Survey: Mobile users care about data privacy

More than half of all mobile-phone app users surveyed have either declined to download an available app or deleted one from their device because of concerns...

U.S. privacy, consumer groups back EU's proposed privacy rules

Twenty-two U.S. privacy and consumer groups have voiced support for a tough online privacy proposal being considered by the European Union, even though some U.S...

Hackers leak 1 million Apple UDIDs allegedly stolen from FBI laptop

A group of hackers released a file containing unique identification data for over 1 million Apple iOS devices and claim that the information is part of a larger...

Big Data Owes Big Debt to Open Source

More often than not, open source technology is considered a toolbox in the analytics and database worlds, and not the competition.

Browser Plug-in and Website Warn About Data Harvesting by Facebook Apps

UPDATE:'s App Advisor website and browser plug-in are designed to make users aware of privacy risks.

EFF Lawsuit Seeks Details of NSA Email, Phone Surveillance

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed a lawsuit seeking details about U.S. National Security Agency surveillance of email and telephone calls, with the...

You Can Write, But You Can't Hide: Big Data Knows Your Writing Quirks

Data scientists have been able to mine unstructured data to determine the identity of a document’s author. It seems we all have a “write-print” as unique as our fingerprint.

Judge Allows Group to Oppose FTC Settlement With Google

A judge has allowed privacy group Consumer Watchdog to move forward with an effort to oppose a US$22.5 million privacy settlement between Google and the U.S...