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Facebook event speculation turns to phones, mobile, search

With Facebook preparing for its mysterious press conference on Tuesday, speculation is surging that the announcement could be about anything from a new smartphone to a new mobile plan to a new search feature.


Four Facebook privacy settings for the new year

Facebook's privacy settings are a pain point for many users: From the chaos it's caused after a privacy breach to the confusing settings after the launch of Timeline in 2011, securing your data and understanding who can see which parts of your profile have never been easy.


Study: More heads of state are using Twitter

There were 123 heads of state and governments using Twitter to communicate with citizens and the rest of the world as of December 2012, a think tank said Tuesday.


Facebook adds photo drag-and-drop to desktop app

The giant social network makes sharing your photos on its site more convenient.


Facebook's $1 message test opens inboxes to strangers

Facebook is experimenting with a service that charges to drop a message into the inbox of someone who isn't your Facebook friend.

Twitter's downloadable archive: A hands-on tour

If you've wanted your entire tweeting life available anytime anywhere, here's how to get started

Instagram policy changes: Lessons to learn from the uproar

Instagram's trials over the past few days are a rite of passage reserved for only the most popular and beloved online services

Instagram: 'Legal documents are easy to misinterpet'

With calls for a boycott and users leaving the site in waves, Instagram on Tuesday said its terms of service changes were "misinterpreted."

Angry with Instagram? Try these alternatives

Instagram has updated its terms of service, and many Instagram users are not happy about what they've read. If you'd like to jump off the Instagram bandwagon, check out these photo-sharing alternatives.


Instagram updates privacy policy, inspiring backlash

Users are concerned over how their photos could end up in advertisements on Instagram, and possibly Facebook

Facebook to offer Snapchat-like 'self-destructing' message app, says report

Facebook is apparently working on a messaging app that will allow users to send each other self-destructing messages and photos. The app could expand Facebook's growing portfolio of mobile apps within weeks.

Twitter allows users to download archives of their tweets

Your past microblogging gems gift wrapped in new feature apparently being rolled out.

Google+ gets full-size photo uploads, low-bandwidth Hangouts and more

Google hasn't forgotten about Google+, its fledgling social network. In a big year-end update, the search giant has added several new features, including a way to automatically upload full-size photos from an Android phone.