Don't-Miss Social networking software Stories

Twitter's Fake Followers: Influence For Sale

From Lady Gaga to Obama, paid tweets and inflated followings game online reputations and call the whole system into question.

Twitter to Certify Third-party Apps for Businesses

On the heels of controversial changes to its developer platform, Twitter is debuting a certification program for third-party business applications that the...

Bing Can Now Search Through Facebook Photos

Bing has a new feature that lets you search through your friends' Facebook photos.

Google Should Speed up Apps' Enterprise Social Networking Development

Google may be moving too slowly in building up Google Apps' enterprise social networking (ESN) features.

Obama Makes Appearance on Reddit, Briefly Crashes Site

President Barack Obama, currently on the campaign trail ahead of the upcoming November elections, made a brief virtual appearance on Reddit, a popular online...

Google Adds Enterprise Social Networking Features to Google+

Google has started publicly testing an initial set of enterprise features for Google+, adding a key collaboration component.

#help! Japan Mulls "911" Emergency Calls From Twitter, Social Networks

The Japanese government on Wednesday hosted a panel in Tokyo on allowing emergency "911" calls to be placed through social networks such as Twitter during...

Facebook, CNN Team Up to Crunch Real-Time Election Buzz on Social Networks

CNN's Election Insights to show 'as-it's-happening' info on social-media discussions on presidential candidates.


Facebook Gets Privacy Ultimatum From German Consumer Groups

If Facebook does not stop providing personal data to third-party app makers before next Monday, it could face legal action.

Twitter Appeals Court Ruling to Turn Over User Information

Twitter appeals a New York judge's June decision requiring the company to turn over detailed information about a user tied to the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Are the Feds Stalking You on Facebook?

Analysis: Not to get paranoid, but we try to determine why a Bostonian discovered mystery Facebook logins from Washington, D.C., some 450 miles away.

Startup Branch Offers Place to Chat

Can another service find a fit in the crowded social networking world? Branch, still in beta, has backers who believe it has found a route.

Custom Ads Consult Your Facebook Likes

Facedeals app will identify shoppers using facial recognition software, then cross-reference Facebook pages to offer targeted deals. Creepy or cool?