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Twitter tries 'magic' to keep users in the know

Users of Twitter for the iPhone and Android devices will start getting push notifications when multiple people in their network follow the same user, or when they favorite or retweet the same tweet, the company said.


Meet the new LinkedIn, now also for career-focused teens

Traditionally a site for business professionals, LinkedIn changed its terms of service recently to let younger people register.


Zuckerberg: Facebook wants to take the pain out of building apps

By getting into the business of selling application development tools, Facebook wants to support an even tighter bond between apps and the site.


Twitter acquires Trendrr to get a better handle on tweets about TV

Twitter confirms the Trendrr acquisition in a tweet, saying that the company would help the social network “build great tools for the rest of the TV ecosystem.”

Facebook got 25,000 government requests about users in the first half of 2013

Facebook's general counsel says that the vast majority of requests relate to criminal cases.

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Facebook's communal photo albums make it easier to share snapshots—or ignore them

The social network on Monday began a limited roll-out of shared photo albums, which let friends upload snapshots to a collection.


Google kills the Messenger in latest Google+ Android update

Google is shutting down its Messenger group chatting service as part of an update to its Google+ app for Android-based devices, the company recently announced. Google will also be ditching the service on iOS devices.


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Facebook launches Graph Search to all English-speaking users, acknowledges privacy concerns

Graph Search, which provides a way for users to search for various topics and interests across the site based on their existing connections and friends, is rolling out to users who use Facebook in English.


Twitter ups its search game: How it compares against G+ and Facebook's Open Graph

Twitter’s new search features are supposed to make it easier to find accounts and recent photos related to your search topic, as well as view a stream of topical tweets as you could before.


Twitter tosses power users a bone in Windows 8 app update

Socialites who dig Windows 8's modern UI will be happy to find newfound support for lists, multiple accounts, and more in the Twitter app.

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Sidecar warns drivers to steer clear of airport after arrests

Sidecar is advising its drivers to steer clear of San Francisco International Airport after officials there started issuing citations to drivers for picking up and dropping off passengers.


Google confirms it's shutting down Google+ Local for iOS

Google is shutting down the Google+ Local places and discovery app for iOS devices and will be transitioning its features over to its Maps app, the company said Friday.


Vine coming to Windows Phone 8

Vine, the trendy Twitter-owned mobile video app, is coming to the Windows Phone 8 operating system about six months after its initial launch on iOS.

Fake Twitter accounts go for big bucks in underground

The underground economy that sells fake Twitter and other social media accounts is now so large that is it easily making millions of dollars for the leading abusers, an updated study by Barracuda Networks reports.

Pincus interruptus: Microsoft's Xbox chief to run Zynga

Zynga chief executive Mark Pincus is giving up his CEO post for Don Mattrick, who most recently led Microsoft's Xbox division. Look for a redefinition of "social" gaming.