Don't-Miss Travel software Stories

Best free stuff, 2013 edition: The techno traveler

Here are the six best free tools for the techno traveler.


Google previews upcoming Maps features

Google is adding a new level of personalization and a cleaner interface to its popular Maps product.

National Park apps aid your trek from sea to shining sea

Visiting the national parks this summer? If you’re carrying your smartphone in your pocket, you’ll have all the guidance you’ll need to get around rough terrain with apps from the Apple App Store and Google Play.


SAP launches ride-sharing app TwoGo

SAP has expanded its foray into corporate sustainability with the release of a carpooling application called TwoGo.

Google Translate for Android takes language skills offline

A new version of Google Translate for Android for devices running version 2.1 and later includes offline translation functionality. Just make sure your device has enough storage to hold your expanded vocabulary.


18 awesome news, reference and factoid websites

Sometimes the most obscure websites are the ones that deliver the most. We give you are favorite web destinations for learning about the vagaries of life.

Shuffle Party and Horizon - App Invasion

Carlos and Leah look at a productivity/weather app in Horizon (iOS) and a fun Shuffleboard game called Shuffle Party (Windows Phone 8).

Latest Google Maps views take you to the top of the mountain

Google Maps on Monday released images from four expeditions taken to some of the world’s tallest mountains, including Mount Everest and Kilimanjaro.

Researcher: Hackers can cause traffic jams by manipulating real-time traffic data

Hackers can influence real-time traffic-flow-analysis systems to make people drive into traffic jams or to keep roads clear in areas where a lot of people use Google or Waze navigation systems, a German researcher demonstrated at BlackHat Europe.

10 essential Windows 8 travel apps

The Windows 8 app ecosystem may not be fully fleshed out, but these 10 travel apps can transform your tablet into a crucial carry-on tool. Don't leave home without 'em!

App Spotlight: Airport Guide helps you find your way

Though not the sexiest travel app, it can help you navigate terminals, find parking and ground transportation, and more.

Splashtop comes to Ubuntu Linux with a speedy remote desktop option

Linux users could see as much as a 10x performance boost over traditional VNC solutions, Splashtop says.

Google Maps Expands Transit Info

The new version of Google Maps for Android includes public transport information for almost 500 cities around the world.

10 Great Apps for the London 2012 Olympics: Bask in the Glory of Sport

Use these apps to follow your favorite athlete, get quick results, socially network about the Olympics, play games, or even look up rules for obscure sports.