Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

Free Downloads That Are Worth a Donation, Part 1

These fantastic, well-known utilities are donationware--you can use them for free, but the developers ask for a contribution to keep their work going. Now is a great time to give back to the creators.

Usenix: Dartmouth Expanding Diff, Grep Unix Tools

With some funding from Google and the U.S. Energy Department, a pair of computer scientists at Dartmouth University are updating the venerable grep and diff Unix...

Rumble in the Cloud: 5 Cloud Storage Services Compared

Here is a look at some of the best cloud services of late 2011 compared.

10 Most Powerful Cloud Companies

Here are 10 companies that have distinguished themselves as leaders in cloud computing.

Top 10 Stupid CRM Data Corruption Tricks

CRM data corruption: It's not just for SysAdmins anymore. Check out this list to find out how your users and their policies may be polluting your data.

Intuit's SimpleStore Adds E-Commerce to Your Facebook Page

Intuit's addition to SimpleStore will allow you to add a shop to your Facebook business page so customers can buy things there directly.

Carrier IQ Test: Android App Detects Controversial Software

A free Android app promises to scan your phone for traces of the controversial Carrier IQ mobile diagnostics program.

Add Document Tabs to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Your browser uses tabs, so why shouldn't your office suite? Awesome freebie Office Tabs adds them to Microsoft Office.

Top 15 App Accessories for iPhone and iPad

Turn your iOS device into a pinball machine, a helicopter cockpit, or the ultimate TV remote with these imaginative combinations of hardware and apps.


Companies 'Save' $2.9 Billion With Pirated Software: Study

Using illegally copied software may help users in developing countries save massive amounts of money, and Microsoft has something to say about it.

The Best Free iPhone and iPad Apps of 2011

Many useful, innovative, or just plain fun apps can be found for iPhone and iPad with the perfect price tag: free. Check out our roundup.


Flash Player Demise on Desktop Inevitable, but Years Away, Say Analysts

Adobe is transitioning from Flash plug-in to HTML5 for desktop browsers, too.

How to Find Out What Employees Really Think

In the past few years, savvy companies have been using text analytics software to analyze positive and negative phrases appearing in social media.

Firms Will Flee Cloud If Lessons From Siri and RIM Outages Not Learned

In light of the recent Apple Siri and RIM BlackBerry outages firms will avoid moving to cloud services unless suppliers stop "designing them to fail."

iPhone Apps: A DIY Skill That's in Big Demand

iPhone developers are in demand across the United States and Canada, causing salaries to skyrocket for those with experience creating complex, mobile...