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LinkedIn Tip: Why You Need a Mentor and How to Find One

According to professional social network LinkedIn, mentors play a key role in helping women "shatter the glass ceiling."

Most Businesses Withhold Real-time Data From Employees, Says Survey

Only 40 percent of businesses provide data to their employees in true real time, a survey has found.

5 iPad Gadgets for Geeks

These iPad extensions go beyond web-browsing and video-watching; they're designed for technophiles who push their iPads to do more.


Sesame Street Hacked, Porn Posted

Sesame Street's YouTube channel featured adult content over the weekend when the popular kids destination was hacked.

Meet the Windows 8 Task Manager

Microsoft reveals some of the techniques and tips for its forthcoming task manager, designed to satisfy power users and lure converts.


'Hollywood Hacker' Collared by FBI

The FBI says it has arrested a Florida man who it claims is responsible for hacking into actress Scarlett Johansson's e-mail account and distributing nude pictures of the star.

Best Buy Rebuilding IT Capability It Outsourced, Starts Hiring

E-commerce, mobile computing, tablets and other emerging channels have become so important to Best Buy that the company is rebuilding internal IT resources.

Web Creatives Weigh in on Adobe Flash Player 11 and AIR 3

While HTML5 is replacing Flash for mainstream sites, online games and media-rich apps will get a boost from Flash Player 11 and AIR3.

Keep Track of Your Money with Quicken 2012

I've used Quicken for managing my personal and business finances for nearly 20 years. Intuit continues to improve and evolve the software with new features.

Apple's Siri has Rival in Sensory

Speech recognition tools draw the spotlight with Apple's pending release of Siri, but startup Sensory "hears" even in noisy environments.


Airline Passengers Demanding Better Smartphone Services

Airlines and airports will have to gear themselves up to support airline passengers demanding to use their smartphones to check-in online and get flight and airport gate information.

Free Workrave Utility Helps You Fend Off Repetitive-Strain Injuries

Too much time at a PC can wreak havoc on your joints and muscles. This handy helper reminds you to take breaks at regular intervals.

HTC Investigates Reports of 'Massive' Vulnerability in Its Android Phones

On the heels of researchers claiming a massive vulnerability in its phones, HTC now says it will investigate.