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6 Tools That Help Businesses Tame Twitter

Twitter can be a powerful business tool, not to mention a valuable source of metrics data and feedback.

3 Technology Trends Your Company Can't Ignore

Technology is evolving--fast. Your company needs to stay on top of emerging trends to shape its future.

Seagate Offers Free Data Recovery Service with Hard Drive Purchase

GoFlex Turbo hard drives come with two years of coverage under Seagate's SafetyNet service, which tries to recover lost data after equipment damage.

World Tech Update, August 4, 2011

Sony promises a ship date for its PlayStation Vita, an airline offers in-flight movies and TV shows over Wi-Fi, Google Chrome intros two noteworthy upgrades and more.

Healthcare Industry Leads Market in IT Hiring

Flush with federal funds and under the gun of federal regulatory deadlines, the healthcare industry is leading the market in IT jobs creation, according to the...

Easing the Juggling Act With Client Virtualization

Client virtualization can be efficient and offer greater flexibility to your workers, but it can also be complex to implement.

Microsoft Announces "BlueHat" Contest for Better Security Solutions

Microsoft offers $200,000 first prize to security experts who come up with significant solutions to fight malware and software vulnerabilities.

The 10 Geekiest iPad Apps Ever

Show your geek-itude by loading these apps on your Apple iPad.

Why IT Outsourcing Deals Are Getting Smaller

IT outsourcing deals aren't what they used to be.

CA Equips Management Tools for Cloud Oversight

CA Technologies has updated a number of its programs to make their users more ready to run some operations in a cloud environment.

QR Codes Can Help Spread the Word About Your Business—Online and Off

QR codes are easy to generate and provide a great way to convey information directly from the real world to the digital world.

IPad Apps: Is Apple Courting Businesses?

Traditionally consumer focused Apple is showing signs of courting businesses.

Healthcare IT Faces Deadline on New Medical Codes

A new federally mandated medical coding system requires a massive overhaul of healthcare IT systems.