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Fleksy's keyboard app means your eyes never have to wander (video)

Available for iOS and now in beta testing for Android, Fleksy's goal is to allow you to type without ever looking at your smartphone device's screen.

dropbox on windows 8

Dropbox for Windows 8 arrives missing some key features

The official Dropbox app for Windows 8 is available, but some users may find the desktop application meets their needs better than the mobile app.

SwiftKey Flow beta debuts as worthy rival to Swype

SwiftKey Flow, a keyboard alternative for Android devices, is now available as a free beta.


Hands on with iTunes 11

iTunes 11 marks a fairly major revamp of Apple's all-in-one media player/store/syncing software. Senior writer Lex Friedman and senior editor Dan Moren run down what's new and different.


Splashtop comes to Ubuntu Linux with a speedy remote desktop option

Linux users could see as much as a 10x performance boost over traditional VNC solutions, Splashtop says.

Google's Chrome Remote Desktop sheds beta tag, adds new features

Google peeled off the beta tag from Chrome Remote Desktop, a free Chrome browser-add on that gives you full access to another desktop PC running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.

25 Essential Android Business Apps

Mobile devices handle business tasks that go far beyond e-mail. Here's a selection covering communications, presentations, number-crunching, and other office apps.

Google's Graveyard: 15 Products Google Has Killed

Missing your favorite Google app? Here are 15 products that Google has killed or has announced plans to kill.


Valve Expands Steam Delivery Platform Beyond Games

Hoping to break out from the confines of the gaming community, computer game distributor Valve will start hosting non-gaming programs on its Steam...

Privacy Watch: Back Up Safely With SpiderOak

The SpiderOak secure online backup service protects you by encrypting your data with keys that only you know.

3 Reasons Businesses Will Like Office 2013

As the changing Microsoft environment pushes IT to Office 2013 readiness, business will discover neat capabilities.

Too Busy for that Software Update? Survey Says: Join the Club

Most consumers need to see an update prompt between two and five times before downloading and installing the software, according to this new report.

DocSync Tackles Document Scatter

If you want easy iPad access to documents on your computer, the web, and the iPad itself, DocSync can help.