Don't-Miss Video software Stories

BitTorrent partners with Cinedigm for first film promotion

BitTorrent explores feature film distribution, opens file-syncing project to the public.


Massive citizen smartphone photo and video probe underway into Boston bombings

Following the deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday, investigators mounted a massive investigation that includes close scrutiny of digital photos and videos taken about the time of the blasts from citizen smartphones and area surveillance cameras.


Hands on with the Windows 8 app: More bunt than home run has finally made its way to the Windows Store, but it should have spent a bit more time in spring training.


Adobe granting sneak peek at pro video apps to broadcasters conference

Adobe is allowing National Association of Broadcasters convention attendees a glimpse of the new versions of its professional video software.

Game of Thrones creators say piracy doesn't harm profits

HBO's "Game of Thrones" is the most-pirated show on the Net, but the series' creators say all the sharing isn't affecting DVD sales.


Torrent live broadcasts with new BitTorrent service

Released Tuesday, BitTorrent Live opens in beta as a new way to stream live content.



Google licenses video codec from MPEG LA to bolster VP8

Patents management company MPEG LA announced agreements with Google, granting the Internet giant a license to techniques that may be essential to the VP8 video codec that the Internet giant backs.

How I ditched the security risks and lived without Java, Reader, and Flash

Java, Reader, and Flash are irresistible targets for hacking exploits. So what's it like living without the oh-so-vulnerable trio?

New DivX Stash stores all your online videos in one place

Launched at Mobile World Congress this week, the still-in-beta DivX Stash lets you save movies from various video sites to watch later on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


SBP TV turns to mobile screens for streaming TV

SPB TV lets you stream live TV straight to your mobile device, and now the company has a second screen app for additional content.


Twitter's Vine update adds age restrictions

Twitter’s new video-sharing iOS app, Vine, is now restricted to users over 17 because of a surge in pornographic content.


New video standard is expected to be a bandwidth buster

The emerging standard HEVC codec promises better, faster HD video without clogging wireless networks, and will ably support 4K TV.

Facebook blocks competitors from its social data

Facebook's recent restrictions on API access for Vine, Voxer, and Wonder raise some serious questions about who controls your data.