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Skype App for Windows Phone Released

Internet telephony provider Skype released its app for the Windows Phone operating system on Sunday with support for 18 languages.

Publishers Update Apps for Apple's Retina Display: Facebook, Nook, and More

If you're wondering which apps are primed for the third-generation iPad, here's a look at 10 apps to check out.

MegaUpload Founder Could Get His Property Returned

New Zealand authorities have admitted to making a procedural mistake before seizing Kim Dotcom's possessions.

Microsoft Restores Access to Phones That Couldn't Access Skype

Microsoft has fixed a bug that made it impossible for about a dozen models of Skype-certified phones to log into the service.

'Insatiable Demand' for Streaming Video Puts Pressure on Providers

Just as enterprise network managers brace for the flood of bandwidth-consuming content stemming from the NCAA men's basketball tournament, content delivery providers put in a significant amount of time preparing to meet the meteoric rise in demand.


Amazon May Join Netflix and Hulu and Produce Original TV Content, Report Says

Amazon hired a Hollywood insider, triggering a guessing game as to whether the online behemoth may be joining Netflix and Hulu in producing original TV content for its online streaming business.


VLC 2.0 Release Candidate Is Here; Android and iOS Versions Soon

VideoLAN introduces its first release candidate for VLC 2.0, and announces plans to port the new version to iOS and Android.


Senate's Approach to Facebook and Netflix Should Be All or Nothing

Netflix wants to use Facebook's new "frictionless sharing" options, but it can't--thanks to a 1988 Senate bill.

Nearly 1 in 3 US Households Owns 4 or More TVs

A new study shows that Americans are still watching TV but more and more young people are finding it online.


Viacom, EFF Are Odd Bedfellows in South Park Video Fair Use Lawsuit

Adversaries are allies in case involving South Park parody video.


The Biggest Tech Fails and Flops of 2011

If you like train wrecks, 2011 was a fascinating year in personal technology.


Free Downloads That Are Worth a Donation, Part 1

These fantastic, well-known utilities are donationware--you can use them for free, but the developers ask for a contribution to keep their work going. Now is a great time to give back to the creators.

Q&A: How Digital Effects Gave 'The Muppets' New Freedom

Max Ivins, visual effects supervisor for Look Effects, explains how his team's work on 'The Muppets' might go unnoticed--unless you're a Muppeteer.