Don't-Miss Video software Stories

Video Game Uses Brain to Control Action

Focus Pocus uses a brainwave-reading headset and helps children ages improve impulse control, memory, attention, and relaxation.


Amazon Announces $199 Kindle Fire Tablet, Clutch of New Kindle E-Readers

Amazon enters the tablet wars with the well-priced Kindle Fire, and ups the e-reader market ante with new, more-capable Kindle e-readers.

The Case for Screwing Up Netflix

Netflix founder and first CEO has chimed in on this whole Qwikster mess.

Interview With BurstPoint CFO Terenzio Volpicelli

This video content management and distribution system allows organizations to take advantage of high-definition live or saved video to educate, collaborate, and connect with others.

Netflix Says Sorry, Then Irks Customers Again with Qwikster

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings issued an apology to his company's customers, but then confused the issue by splitting the company and creating a DVD-by-mail spinoff called Qwikster.


Google+ Social Networking Now Open to Everyone, New Features Added

Google's Facebook competitor comes out of field trials; offers new features, including group video chat for Android phone users, better search, and better text messaging.


Windows 8 Update: The End of Adobe Flash?

Microsoft says it will rely on HTML5, not Flash, for the Metro-style interface of Internet Explorer 10. Will your online video-watching be affected?

Netflix Quitters Turning to Blockbuster Streaming Service?

Blockbuster's new streaming movie service, launching in October may soak up Netflix quitters upset over recent price hikes by Netflix.


Who Will Be the Next Steve Jobs?

These ten tech leaders have the vision, and they’ve shown that they have the drive--but do they have what it takes to spearhead the next great sea change in technology?


Skype Makes Play for Mobile Group Messaging with GroupMe Acquisition

GroupMe technology allows group texts, conference calls, and sharing of photos and location.


Copyright Trolls: 200,000 BitTorrent Users Sued Since 2010

Mass lawsuits against file sharers hit a record high.


Apple iTunes Movie Re-Downloads Not Coming Soon, Report Says

Apple still needs to negotiate deals with a clutch of movie studios before you'll be able to stream or redownload your iTunes movie purchases to any PC.


World Tech Update, August 4, 2011

Sony promises a ship date for its PlayStation Vita, an airline offers in-flight movies and TV shows over Wi-Fi, Google Chrome intros two noteworthy upgrades and more.