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Microsoft’s iPhone keyboard will have a one-handed mode that Windows 10 phones lack

Microsoft's Word Flow keyboard for iOS might make Windows phone users jealous with a more natural layout for thumb typing.

Homefront: The Revolution co-op

Hands-on with Homefront: The Revolution's engaging four-player co-op action

Did you think this was a singleplayer-only game? We thought this was a singleplayer-only game. It's not a singleplayer-only game.

google drive photos

Google gives administrators more control over sharing Apps files

Google is continuing its push to make its Apps collaboration suite useful for enterprises with a new feature that lets administrators set how their users are able to share files.

sway recycle bin and more 1

Microsoft's Sway app will now save your hard work from deletion

Users of Microsoft's new Sway presentation app can now rest easier knowing their work won't get accidentally deleted, thanks to a set of new features the company released Friday.

mortal kombat

This week in games: The blizzard hits Cities: Skylines, Warner Bros. pulls a fatality on Mortal Kombat X for PC

Plus: The guy who made Braid peed in a jug to make his new game. Maybe? This is your gaming news for the week of January 18-22

skype logo open graph

Skype now hides your IP address to protect against attacks from online trolls

Online gaming can be a nasty business, with some sore losers targeting others to take out their frustrations. Skype recently took action to make that harder.

Harvard brain artificial intelligence machine learning

New 'moonshot challenge' at Harvard aims to make giant leap in AI

Humanity has big hopes for artificial intelligence, but in reality machines have a long way to go to catch up with the human brain. Enter Harvard University, which has just won a $28 million grant to change all that.

minecraft windows 10 3

Microsoft, Mojang announce Minecraft: Education Edition for classrooms

Some teachers are already using Minecraft as a teaching tool. Now, Microsoft is building a version of Minecraft specifically for education.

google drive photos

Google makes it easier to manage a Drive stuffed with files

Google has made it easier for users of its Drive cloud storage product to move files around into exactly the right folder and store them to find later.

Dragon's Dogma (PC)

Hands-on: Slaying mammoth monsters in Dragon's Dogma's long-awaited PC port

You can stop holding your breath—Capcom finally got around to porting Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen to the PC. We go hands-on to test performance.

skype translator new

Skype's magical real-time language Translator tool goes live for all Windows users

Skype Translator is now live for everyone using Skype on Windows.

skypeforbusiness videocall bigger

Microsoft buys technology from Event Zero to improve Skype for Business

Microsoft announced Wednesday that it has acquired the technology assets from Event Zero to improve the management capabilities of its Skype for Business VoIP product.

U.S. supreme court

US patent grants slow in wake of Supreme Court business methods ruling

There are some big changes in the patent landscape hiding behind a small drop in the number of utility patents granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last year.

microsoft campus building

Microsoft offers developers free tools for its R programming language software

Microsoft is giving developers and students a free crack at its new server software for the R programming language.

Google Drive

Google Apps for Work gets an SMB boost via Kronos integration

Small businesses that use Kronos workforce-management software will soon be able to tap familiar Google tools in their HR efforts thanks to a new integration project.