Don't-Miss Software Stories

microsoft office logo feb 2015

Microsoft will let you run custom apps from Office ribbons

An upcoming update to Microsoft Office will allow you to essentially pin apps to the Microsoft Office ribbon, adding to its extensibility.

20160331 qi lu build16

Microsoft pitches developers on building applications for Office users

The company hopes new capabilities in Microsoft Graph, and for running apps inside Office, will inspire developers.

IBM logo

IBM to buy consulting specialist Bluewolf

IBM sees customers of as key to growing revenue at its Global Business Services consulting division.

Edge with add ons6

Report: Microsoft will build ad blocking into a future version of Microsoft Edge

According to a (now, refuted) report, Microsoft is working to build ad blocking into Microsoft Edge.

Build 2016: The top 3 reveals from Microsoft's developer conference keynote

The consumer-facing news was scant, but here are the most interesting tidbits that Microsoft had to offer.

mark barrenechea opentext ceo cto

OpenText CEO: 'One does not upgrade to digital'

Every company is an information company today, says Mark Barrenechea, and transforming for the digital era requires looking beyond the ERP systems that have played such a central role over the past few decades.

8ninths virtual workstation

Startup 8ninths uses Microsoft HoloLens to build a partially holographic desk of the future

Startup 8ninths has taken HoloLens and developed both an app and special desk to go with it. The desk has an open space for viewing holograms, or you could even move the hologram to another location.


Skype is getting infused with conversational “bots”

Microsoft’s Skype bots promise to arrange appointments, order food, and book hotels, and more.

windows phone 81 cortana main screen nokia lumia icon april 2014

Microsoft envisions a future where Cortana and a legion of smart bots act as our butlers

Microsoft's Conversations as a Platform initiative thinks that machine learning and natural language could revolutionize computing.

oculus rift alt

Oculus Rift: How to play Steam games and VR apps from outside the Oculus Store

The Oculus Rift arrives as a locked-down platform, but you can easily open it back up if you want to play SteamVR games or VR apps from unknown sources—provided you can click a button in the settings menu.

Windows 10 Build sign

Microsoft Build: Windows 10 'Redstone' and HoloLens will star at Microsoft's dev conference

Last year's Build was about promises. This year, Microsoft needs to present developers with a plan for why they should continue buying in to Windows.

netflix at home

How to watch Netflix with faraway friends

Synchronize Netflix with long-distance friends using these two Chrome extensions.

microsoft hololens

Microsoft wants to 'holoport' you into a conversation elsewhere

Microsoft wants to bring people wearing its HoloLens headset into a conversation with other folks who aren't in the room using a new technology developed by its research division that enables "holoportation."


This week in games: Shatner voices Elite: Dangerous, Dark Souls III draws near

Plus: Blizzard releases the first supplementary short film for Overwatch, Verdun adds American Doughboys, and Walking Dead Season Three is teased. This is gaming news for March 21-25.

A Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 build fixes bugs but has some of its own

Microsoft pushed some fresh software to people who are beta testing the latest versions of Windows 10 on Friday, starting the weekend off with a slate of bug fixes aimed at improving the usability of devices on the new operating system.


Hulu enters virtual reality on Gear VR, no subscription required

Hulu’s virtual reality app for the Samsung Gear VR is a mix of 360-degree content and traditional video in a virtual living room.