Don't-Miss Software Stories

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

After a decade of waiting, there's a new Homeworld game coming

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak looks oddly like Homeworld: That Dune Game You Always Wanted. And I'm okay with that.

rocket league

Video: Our top 5 picks for PC games of the year

From Witcher 3 to Kerbal Space Program, these are the PC games that gave PCWorld editors the biggest smiles in 2015.

nvidia broadcast gfe

Nvidia's GeForce Experience beta adds screenshot tools and Twitch-friendly overlays

Nvidia's latest GeForce Experience beta adds a much-needed screenshot tool and new tweaks for Twitch and YouTube Live broadcasts.


Mozilla's Firefox finally enters the 64-bit era on Windows

If you're running a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or higher there's finally a version of Firefox designed to take advantage of your system.

slack icon

Slack creates $80 million fund to help developers build Slack apps

If there's any company that's been virtually synonymous with growth over the past year or so, it's Slack, and now the team-software vendor is taking a big step to make sure that momentum continues.


This is what Super Mario Bros. 3 on the PC could have looked like in Doom-maker id's hands

Super Mario Bros. 3 never made it to PC even though two of the biggest names in PC gaming history tried to make it happen. Here's what that first early rough cut looked like.

Countdown: Microsoft's big 2015

Blair Hanley Frank counts down some of the biggest news and announcements from Microsoft in 2015.

MinHash AILA

Salesforce scoops up MinHash for marketing intelligence

Founded just last year, the four-person startup has been applying data science to making sense of audience trends.

margrethe vestager

Top 10 tech stories 2015: Transformation and transition

Cloud and mobile computing have created an imperative for the tech world: Change or fail. Here, are the IDG News Service's picks for the top 10 tech stories of 2015.

Machine Learning Algorithms

'Ex Machina,' here we come: A new algorithm helps computers learn the way we do

Machine learning is all about getting computers to "understand" new concepts, but it's still a pretty inefficient process, often requiring hundreds of examples for training. That may soon change, however, thanks to new research published on Friday.

Algorithm vs. Humans

The movie shows 20 different people drawing a novel character (left) and the algorithm predicting how those images were drawn (right)

Big Data analytics machine learning

Five things you need to know about Hadoop v. Apache Spark

Hadoop and Apache Spark are both big-data frameworks, but they don't really serve the same purposes.

Atlassian IPO

Atlassian president on IPO: 'We're overjoyed'

As Australian collaboration software maker Atlassian made its long-awaited initial public offering in the U.S. on Thursday, its soaring share price offered a strong testament to the company's distinctive sales strategy and long history of profitability.

SAP's S4/Hana at Sapphire Now 2015

SAP's big challenge: proving the business case for Hana

SAP customers are slowly migrating to the company's Hana in-memory computing platform, but the German software giant still has its work cut out when it comes to increasing adoption.

EVE Valkyrie (December 2015)

All Oculus Rift preorders will include exhilarating VR space combat game EVE: Valkyrie

CCP's thrilling EVE: Valkyrie will be bundled with all preordered Oculus Rift headsets.


XCOM 2 hands-on preview: Earth is doomed if you leave me in command

Two and a half hours of XCOM 2 and we only watched five of our soldiers die. I think that means we're getting better, right?

A Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10

Microsoft releases major System Center update to the world

Microsoft released the latest version of its System Center Configuration Manager to the world on Tuesday, giving system administrators new tools to manage a fleet of devices across their organization.