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G-Tech G-Connect Provides Wireless Portable Storage and Network Access Point

New hard drive uses Wi-Fi to connect to tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

Using Network Storage for ‘Set It and Forget It’ Backup

Safeguard your precious data with NAS

External Disk Storage Shipments Increase 46% in Q1

Sales of external disk storage systems continue to boom with a fifth consecutive quarter of double-digit revenue gains, according to market research firm IDC.

Computex 2011: Top Stories at Taiwan's Giant Tech Show

Processor wars, new tablets galore, and Chrome OS's move to Asia were some of the hot topics at this week's Computex 2011 Tech show. Take a look.


The 20 Best Gadgets of 2011--So Far

It's been a good year for tech toys, and it'll probably get better, but here are some of the best gadgets we've seen in the first half of 2011.


The Best Web Apps and Online Services: Get the Most Out of the Cloud

By using Web-based applications and storing your files online, you can work from anywhere, on any device, for next to nothing.

500GB Seagate Hard Drive Streams to 3 iPads

The battery-powered external hard drive lets you stream video and audio content to three different mobile devices at once, making long car trips with the family a bit more bearable.


The 10 Best Free Hard Drive Utilities

Take control of your hard drive and data with these free and effective utilities.

10 Biggest Tech Cover-Ups: Shut Up and Act Like Nothing's Wrong

The list of tech companies that made business mistakes and didn't address them immediately includes Amazon, Apple, Dell, HP, Intel, and Sony, among others.

Cram Giant Amounts of Data Onto These Tiny Storage Drives and Cards

These eight cutting-edge hard drives, flash drives, and cards can hold multi-gigabytes of data and yet still slip in a shirt pocket.

Hitachi GST Expands Portable Storage Drives to Cloud

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies on Tuesday introduced new Touro storage offerings that package local and online storage so data can be accessed locally or...

Samsung to Sell HDD Unit to Seagate in $1.4B Deal

Samsung Electronics will sell its hard-disk drive operations to Seagate Technology in a US$1.375 billion deal that will create strong links between the two...

Intel and Micron Shrink NAND Flash

Intel and Micron Technology on Thursday said they had shrunk NAND flash memory in size, which could help add more storage and features to smartphones or tablets...