Don't-Miss Hard drive Stories

OCZ Releases First 1TB Laptop SSD with 'Instant On' Boot Up

The 'instant on' feature increases boot times over previous OCZ solid-state drives by 50 percent, the company said.

Seagate Barracuda XT 3TB Internal Hard Drive, $160 is selling the Seagate Barracuda XT ST33000651AS for only $160.

Table Salt may Build Heftier Hard Drives

Researchers find a way to use salt crystals to boost bit storage density on hard drives so they can hold more data in smaller form.

Thailand Floods May Affect Global Electronics Production

Severe floods in Thailand have disrupted production of electronics including hard disk drives and semiconductors, with a number of factories suspending...

Western Digital Halts Hard Disk Production in Thailand

The production of hard disks at Western Digital (WD) facilities close to Bangkok, Thailand, has been halted following severe flooding, the company said on...

Patriot solid-state drives deliver blistering performance

With twice the speed of the fastest hard drives, the Wildfire is ready for prime time

Windows 8 Presents a Cure for Bloatware Installed by Your Printer, Camera, Other Peripherals

Microsoft wants external device makers to create Metro-style apps for Windows 8 that would eliminate junk software installs.

17 Great Laptop Accessories for Your Dorm Room

Ready to go back to school with your brand-new laptop? Be sure to bring along some of these useful and practical accessories.

HP Or No HP: The PC Lives

Clearly, the PC is dead, right? Well, no. Flexibility, innovation and users’ storage needs will keep it around a good long while.


Industry Group Releases Spec to Test Consumer SSD Performance

The Storage Networking Industry Association this month announced the release of a specification that can be used to test the performance of consumer (client) solid-state drives (SSDs) regardless of the vendor.

Seagate Offers Free Data Recovery Service with Hard Drive Purchase

GoFlex Turbo hard drives come with two years of coverage under Seagate's SafetyNet service, which tries to recover lost data after equipment damage.

Iomega's New Hard Drive Favors iPad-Owning Mac Users

Iomega's Mac Companion Hard Drive is a standard desktop model USB hard disk that's designed to charge an iPad.

SanDisk Releases New SSDs for Old Computers

SanDisk introduces a new line of SSDs designed for consumers who may want to extend the life of an aging computer.