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10 Luxurious, Executive-Class Tech Gifts

If you have a high-flying, tech-savvy executive on your holiday shopping list, wow them with one of these luxe gifts.

OCZ Releases First 1TB Laptop SSD with 'Instant On' Boot Up

The 'instant on' feature increases boot times over previous OCZ solid-state drives by 50 percent, the company said.

Getting the Most out of Flash Storage

Over the past few years mainstream enterprises have been turning to NAND flash storage to boost speed and decrease latency, but some vendors still produce products that inhibit customers from achieving flash's full potential.

17 Great Laptop Accessories for Your Dorm Room

Ready to go back to school with your brand-new laptop? Be sure to bring along some of these useful and practical accessories.

Is Transcend Planning a 2TB USB Thumb Drive?

According to a video posting on YouTube of memory card maker Transcend and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) have teamed up to produce a USB 3.0...

Companies Lose $2.5 Million from Missing Memory Sticks, Study Says

Lost or missing memory sticks, as well as malware carried on the USB devices, are a huge problem, the study by the Ponemon Institute shows.

5 Reasons Apple's Mac Mini Isn't Killing the DVD

DVDs aren't going away any time soon because they're cheap, easy to find and distribute and don't rely on a high-speed Internet connection.

Apple Proposes Smaller SIM Card for Slimmer Gadgets

Apple is reportedly working to reduce the size of the Sim cards used in its gadgets

Cram Giant Amounts of Data Onto These Tiny Storage Drives and Cards

These eight cutting-edge hard drives, flash drives, and cards can hold multi-gigabytes of data and yet still slip in a shirt pocket.

SanDisk and Toshiba One-Up Intel, Intro 19nm Flash Memory

SanDisk and its partner Toshiba announced this week a 64Gbit NAND flash memory chip using 19-nanometer technology

Eye-Fi Rolls Out Direct Mode and a New Card

Direct Mode lets you transfer photos from a camera with an Eye-Fi card directly and wirelessly to an iPhone or an Android phone or tablet.

Experts See Wide Use of Flash-hard Disk Hybrids by 2016

A quarter of new laptops and half of new desktop PCs will adopt an emerging data storage method by 2016, pairing flash memory with traditional hard disk drives...

Five Server Myths Debunked

Don’t let these common misconceptions stop you from getting the server your business needs.