Don't-Miss Flash drive Stories

Is It the End of the Road for Memory Stick? Hope So!

Sony is releasing SD and microSD memory cards. Could that mean the annoying Memory Stick format is on its way out?

Storage Industry Tackles Making Sense of Metadata

The storage industry is turning its focus to helping us managing our data, not just warehouse it.

CES: Gadgets and Gear Begin to Appear

We're still a day away from the official opening of the Consumer Electronics Show, but the product debuts have already begun. Here's a look at what we've seen so far.


LaCie's New Flash Drives Come With Online Storage

LaCie's new CooKey and WhizKey USB thumb drives also include up to 4GB of online storage.

Eye-Fi Pro X2 Increases Capacity and Speed

Eye-Fi's latest SD Card to improve upon previous wireless upload experience.

PQI Bring The Speed With 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drives

PQI offer portable and speedy storage with new range of USB 3.0 flash drives.


Mobile Tech: 11 Invaluable Accessories for On-the-Go Gear

We’ve handpicked a clutch of the most useful travel gadgets, including a TSA-friendly suitcase, handy paper speakers, and a super-portable photo printer.


10 Crazy USB Devices

Got a spare USB port on your PC? Check out these crazy-but-inspired USB add-ons.

Toshiba Announces 64GB Flash Memory; Perfect For Next iPhone

Toshiba's new 64GB Flash memory module could double the storage capacity for current portable devices.


10 Totally Ridiculous Combo Gadgets

From a combo taser/MP3 player to a computer mouse/VoIP phone, these Frankengadgets never should have seen the light of day.


How to Run Chrome OS From A USB Drive

Can't wait for a new system running the final version of Google's OS? Here's a way to run it from a thumbdrive.


Backing Up Files Is Smart, But What About Apps?

Under Windows, the concept of backing up an application doesn't exist. Portable applications, however, are worth a try — here's why.

Beatles Due Soon on USB -- But Not From Apple

Apple Corps and EMI are releasing a remastered, special edition of Beatles tunes on an apple-shaped USB.