Don't-Miss Optical drive Stories

Hitachi-LG Data Storage Shows Off Hybrid Optical Drive

Optical drive concept could help boost system performance, too.

CDs: Obsolete by 2015?

Music will shift nearly entirely to digital downloads within years, edging out optical media and players, survey predicts.


Fearing More Wikileaks, Military Bans DVDs, Thumb Drives

The U.S. government, concerned of more 'Wikileaks', banned CDs, DVDs and USB drives from classified military computers.

Would You Pay $30 For an At-Home, One-Time Movie?

Hollywood studios are considering an offering that would let you rent movies just as they leave theaters for $30 a pop.


Roxio Creator 2011 Adds 3D

The refreshed all-in-one media software suite offers tools to create, edit, and share 3D photos and video.


Google Voice Failures: Lost in Transcription

Google’s Web-based phone service sends voicemail transcripts to your inbox. Whether they make any sense is another matter entirely.


Sharp Unveils 100GB Blu-ray Disc

New discs, drives are the first to support BDXL specs, but rewritable 100GB and write-once 128GB BDXL will follow.


Samsung Lays Claim to World’s Fastest Blu-ray Drive

New 12X Blu-ray drive sets speed standard, external DVD writer slims down and new hard disk squeezes more data into less space.


5 Things You’ll Actually Like About the New Hotmail

Microsoft will launch an update of its e-mail service this summer with some innovative and useful features.


"Kill Your Facebook Page" Backlash Gains Speed

Calls for people to delete their Facebook accounts are gathering momentum. Critics cite privacy concerns and plummeting trust in the company and its leader, Mark Zuckerberg.


Twitter Bomb Joker @PaulJChambers Fined $1500 in #TwitterJokeTrial

Bomb-joker Paul Chambers has been convicted and fined $1500 for his inadvisable tweet about blowing up an airport.


Storage Industry Tackles Making Sense of Metadata

The storage industry is turning its focus to helping us managing our data, not just warehouse it.

In-Flight Wi-Fi Explained

Aircell's Niels Steenstrup talks to the PC World editors about the company's GoGo Inflight Wi-Fi service. Learn how planes stay connected to the Web, what the service has in store in 2010, and why you need to turn off your gadgets for takeoff and landing.