Don't-Miss Optical drive Stories

The PC World 100: Best Products of 2009

A laptop that recharges wirelessly, a CPU that leaves the competition in the dust, and a top pick that's changing the face of computing--these are just three of the items in our PC World Top 100 list of the best products of the year.

Is Apple's Next Move Blu-Ray?

Nestled amid the slew of recent announcements is a change that may hint of things to come.


Are DVDs Nearing the End?

The Netflix CEO's comment about a jump in streaming raises questions about DVD's reign and whether media matters.


Blu-ray: 3 Reasons the Winner is an Also-Ran

Sony may have won the standards battle against HD, but the war may not be over because it isn't the victor yet.


Walk-through: Google Fast Flip Brings 'Magazine' Metaphor to News Browsing

Google's news reader uses static page images to display news articles instantly. Whether it's really a faster way to read news is open to debate. Here's a short guided tour of the new approach.


More to Say? Forget Twitter — Prattle on (and on) at Woofer

As the opposite of Twitter, new site requires 1,400-character minimum.


Apple Would be Smart to Pick Blu-ray, Analyst Says

Adding Blu-ray to the next model of iMacs would cost initially but would pay off big for Apple, analyst says.

Judge Rules Against RealDVD Movie Copying Software

RealNetworks lost a key ruling in a case over its RealDVD software, which lets users copy DVD movies to their computer.


Toshiba Planning Blu-ray Disc Players, Laptops

UPDATE: Toshiba is planning to launch players and laptops with support for Blu-ray Disc later this year, it said Monday.

Top 10 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Multimedia Junkies

Here are the best apps for turning your iPhone into a time-killing hub. Whether you want to stream your music collection to your iPhone or take great pictures in low light, we have just the right app.


You Must Obey: The Unwritten Laws of Technology

"Fix a computer for a friend or family member, and you'll be tech support for life." This is but one of 35 immutable laws of technology that we've identified and recorded for posterity. There will be a test.

VLC Video Player's New DVD-Copying Feature Could Run Afoul of the MPAA

Has the VLC video player gone too far by allowing you to record encrypted DVDs?

Apple's MacBook Strategy: Optical is Over

Analysis: SD should be arriving on the MacBook Air and the regular MacBook in the next updates — and it might replace the DVD drive on the next MacBook.