Don't-Miss Optical drive Stories

Will 2009 (Finally) Be Blu-ray’s Year?

Sony won the standards war, but's still battling for our hearts and pocketbooks.


Quotes of Note From 2008

So many notable quotes, so little space to recount them -- that's the annual conundrum as we think back on the year.

Could it be a Blue Christmas for Blu-ray?

OK, Blu-ray won the standards war, but it's still struggling in the marketplace.


MPAA Wins Case Against Chinese DVD Maker

The MPAA won a lawsuit against a Chinese DVD maker that will give the group a say over how that company's DVD players are made.

OWC Offers Quad-interface Blu-ray Drive

Other World Computing (OWC) on Wednesday introduced its Mercury Pro Blu-ray "Quad Interface" external drives.


Recession Hits Blu-Ray Where it Counts

Blu-ray is the supposed format winner, but why isn't it setting sales records?


Sharp Has First TVs With Built-in Blu-ray Disc Recorders

Sharp will start selling next month in Japan the first LCD televisions with built-in Blu-ray Disc recorders, it said Wednesday.


Sanyo Laser to Enable Faster, Higher Capacity Blu-ray Discs

Sanyo Electric has developed a laser diode that will help lay the ground towards higher capacity and faster Blu-ray Disc systems.


Times are Good for Storage Vendors

Digital documents and paperless offices are driving demand for storage capacity in businesses and homes.

Pioneer Develops 400GB Optical Disc

Pioneer has developed an optical disc that can hold up to 400GB of data easily surpassing previously announced prototypes.

MCE Offers 6x Internal Blu-ray Drive for Macs

MCE Technologies has introduced its 6X Blu-ray Recordable Drive for Macs. It's natively compatible with Mac OS X 10.5.2 or...


Asustek to Launch Mini-PC With Blu-ray Disc Drive

Asustek will launch new multimedia mini-PCs at Computex that come with Blu-ray Disc drives as an option.


LaCie Doubles Blu-ray Burner Speed

LaCie has introduced a faster version of its d2 Blu-ray Drive, available now for US$649.99.