Don't-Miss Tablet accessory Stories

Mobile Accessories for Your Tablet

Pick one of these gadgets to accompany your shiny new tablet and your on-the-go lifestyle.


Drop-Proof Your iPad 2

These ruggedized covers keep your slate safe in a savage world.


Great Accessories for Your Android Tablets

Here's a roundup of accessories for your favorite Android tablets, including the Motorola Xoom, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the RIM PlayBook, and the Toshiba Tablet. Why let iPad owners have all the fun?

15 Must-Have Accessories for Your New iPad 2

Accessories for your new toy.

An iPad Smart Cover Made Out of...Wood?

Holland-based Miniot has mimicked the Apple smart wood.


iPad 2 Smart Cover Dissected by iFixit

The iPad 2 Smart Cover has the trademark Apple smart design and coolness. But exactly how does the thing work? iFixit tore one apart to find out.


Not Just About Cases Anymore: The Smart Cover

Apple's latest accessory for its iPad 2.


TyPad Makes iPad Typing Easier; Ergonomic Mouse Gets Smaller

Reviews of tyPad, by Accessory Workshop, and Whirl Mini Notebook Laser Mouse, by Smartfish


The Future Of the PC Looks Cloudy

In the year 2020, cloud computing is king. We will abandon our bulky desktops in favor of remote storage, lashing together our favorite music, movies and games with a web of internet-connected devices to build a digital raft of data that will buoy us through the ebb and flow of our daily lives.


Fling Joysticks Make iPad Gaming Easier; Doesn't Play Nice With Angry Birds

Ten One Design's new iPad joysticks make the iPad into a competent gaming system.


The Neo-I Projector/Dock

This dock for your ipod or ipad also has a pico projector for all your video needs.


Breffo's Spider PodiumTablet Holds Any Slate, Creeps People Out

New tablet stand keeps device in place while adding a unique design element.


Joby's GorillaMobile Ori Case Flips Out on iPads

GorillaMobile's Ori Case is super flexible, but complicated to use


10 Tech Accessories You're Paying Too Much For

Don't blow your budget on overpriced gadget accessories. Here's how to get the best deals on cases, cables, software, and more.


Is Your Kindle Freezing? It Could Be the Case

Amazon's $35 Kindle case has been linked to reports of the device freezing and/or requiring a manual reboot.