Don't-Miss Tablet case Stories

Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 benchmarks and hands-on

We go hands-on with Microsoft's new Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, and some of the new covers for Microsoft's flagship device. Plus, we have benchmarks!

Reports: Power Cover to add battery boost to Surface tablets

Taking a cue from convertible tablets, the Surface Power Cover keyboard will include a battery to give users a bit more time before the tablet runs out of juice.

Loksak is a waterproof way to transport your tablet (video)

Loksak’s line of hermetically sealed smartphone sleeves and protective shields may have been designed for the Special Forces, but you get some for your own gear.


Look out below: G-Form drop test highlights device protection (video)

At CES 2013, G-Form wanted to show off how its cases can protect your mobile gear, and it was willing to drop a bowling ball to make its point.


Tech21 hammers home a point about device protection (video)

The UK case maker had an eye-catching demo about how its cases protect your mobile devices.


Kavaj trots out new cases for new Apple devices

The company is here at CES with new leather cases for the iPad, iPad mini and iPhone 5.


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FCC urges FAA: Let passengers run gadgets during takeoff

The chairman of the FCC weighed in on an FAA request for comments about its policy of requiring airline passengers to stow their mobile electronic equipment during takeoff and landing.

10 Hot Cyber Monday mobile accessories deals

It’s time to stock up on cases, battery packs, headsets, and other mobile accessories.