Don't-Miss Tablet Stories

Intel's 10-inch Education Tablet

Intel website lists new 10-inch, 7-inch Android tablet designs

Intel has posted information on its website about new tablets for the education market with 10-inch and 7-inch screens, Atom chips and the Android OS code-named Jellybean.


Windows 8 grabs more market share, but so do older versions

In a recent study, Windows 7 and Windows XP hold strong with users, but Windows Vista usage declines.

Samjiyon tablet (1)

Android tablet gives rare glimpse at North Korean tech

An Android tablet brought back from North Korea by a tourist has provided a glimpse at some of the restrictions placed on IT users in the famously secretive country.


Android market more fragmented than ever, report says

There are nearly three times as many distinct Android products in use now compared to a year ago. Among these devices, eight different versions of Android are currently in use, according to a new report.


Asus slowly backs away from Windows RT tablets

One of Windows RT's earliest manufacturing supporters is turning its back on the Metro-only operating system.

Android 4.3's TRIM support will breathe new life into old, bogged-down Nexus 7 tablets

A simple software fix will clear up the biggest headache associated with Google's hit hardware from last year: A gradual loss of responsiveness.


Tablet shipments expected to at least double those of laptops and ultra-slim PCs in 2014

Tablet sales continue to increase as sales of laptops and other PCs decline.



Put Office on the iPad for tablet success, analyst advises

It's apparent Microsoft doesn't have a hit in the Surface RT; what's stopping the company from finally releasing Office for the iPad and scoring some tablet success?

Google starts selling Nexus 7 in advance of July 30 release

The latest Nexus 7 tablet doesn't ship until next week, but Google started taking orders Friday after its retail partners began selling the new device.


The new Nexus 7 goes on sale early at Best Buy, sort of

The new Nexus 7 is showing as available for pickup at Best Buy stores around the country, but your true mileage may vary.


Asus Chairman Jonney Shih: Nexus 7 'almost broke us'

In an interview with PCWorld and TechHive, Shih riffs on Nexus 7 development, Windows 8 woes, and Asus's smartphone aspirations.

When will your smartphone get Android 4.3? Only Sony commits to device upgrades

The latest Android software is out, but manufacturers ain't saying when it'll land on the latest Android hardware.


Android boss promises a refreshed Nexus 10 tablet is coming soon

What could the new Nexus 10 look like? Just take a peek at the new Nexus 7 released yesterday.


The Google Play Games hub could learn something from Appleā€™s Game Center

Google has finally released an app for its Google Play Games services, but it doesn't really bring gamers together.


Hands-on: Google's new Nexus 7 gets a great screen and more processing pep

With a faster processor and sharper screen, the second-generation Nexus 7 gives you a lot of bang for your buck.