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Surface Pro vs. the world: How much PC can you get for $1000?

Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet packs a full laptop processor, a full laptop OS, and a full laptop price. But how does it stack up against the best $1000 notebooks around?

The 10 best PCs of CES 2013

With fascinating interpretations of what a Windows 8 device can be, the CES gadget fest still offered high points for PC enthusiasts. Behold the 10 best machines we saw.

Technology advances won't pump up Ultrabook sales, analyst says

An app gap will be a drag on the popularity of Ultrabooks is the prediction.

Acer takes on Apple with retina-class laptop displays

Acer plans on putting high-resolution “retina-class” LCD panels on laptops starting this Spring.

Tablets to dominate laptops in 2013, but not without a fight

In 2013 tablets will pass up notebook PCs in worldwide shipments for the first time.


Intel at CES: throwing down the gauntlet with Nvidia (video)

Intel cuts a broad swath at CES with new CPUs for phones, tablets and Ultrabooks.

Intel Recap - CES 2013

Intel Recap - CES 2013

PC prices must rise, not fall, to solve Windows 8's lousy start, analyst argues

The holiday slump in PC sales -- down 11% compared to 2011 -- means that PC makers must raise prices, not continue a race to the bottom, an analyst argued today.

Ultra-hyped ultrabooks ultra-flopped in 2012

Just 12 months ago, the ultrabook was widely regarded as the PC market's savior. Since then, it's become more of a punch line.

Windows 8 will be big at CES 2013, despite Microsoft's absence

Microsoft might not have a booth presence at CES this year, but Windows 8 will still make a big splash thanks to partner offerings. Behold a cavalcade of hardware!

CES Scorecard: the biggest misses from last year's show

Many products are promised at International CES each year, but not every one comes through. In advance of next week's edition of CES, here are some of the products announced at the 2012 show that didn't pan out as expected.


Samsung showcases two new Series 7 laptops for CES 2013

CES comes a little early as Samsung announces its new laptop entries for the Series 7 line.

Portable all-in-one PCs to be the next big collaboration tool

The art of collaboration has retrogressed since the days of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The all-in-one PC--equal parts tablet and laptop--could mean the end of the speaker in front of the room nervously waiting for questions that knock him down a few pegs. That's a good thing, columnist Rob Enderle suggests.


The year in tech: Biggest fails, flops, and faux pas

Instagram bungled its sharing policy, Nokia fumbled with a fake camera demo, and 18 other companies launched gloriously inept flops.