Don't-Miss Ultrabook Stories

HP beefs up Windows 8 gear with stylish laptops and business PCs

Hewlett-Packard adds ultraportables, stylish notebooks, and two desktop PC to its Windows 8 lineup.

Dell unveils Windows 8 Latitude tablet and Ultrabook for business

Dell announces a new tablet, Ultrabook and all-in-one PC running on Windows 8.

Ultrathin teardown! Asus ultrabook vs MacBook Air

Looking under the hood of two competing systems, we found considerable similarity in the way ultrathin laptops are sandwiched together.

Intel outlines our mobile future at IDF keynote

The company plots a future where Intel is inside everything.


Intel brings Siri-like voice commands to Ultrabooks

Voice recognition now fused into Ultrabooks

Western Digital's 5mm hybrid drives pave way for slimmer Ultrabooks

The hybrid drives have a capacity of 500 GB, and use “tiered storage” to try to mimic the performance of solid state drives.

Intel to push mobility in fractured PC, tablet market

Intel will make a major mobile push at the upcoming Intel Developer Forum as the company tries to remain relevant in a tablet/smartphone world.

Ivy Bridge laptops top September electronics bargains

Now is the time to buy old iPhones, 55-inch HDTVs, and SSD drives, as deals accompany product introductions.

Dell Announces New XPS Dockable Windows Tablet and Convertible Ultrabook

Dell is getting into the Windows tablet game with a dockable tablet and an Ultrabook with a flippable screen.


IFA 2012: Windows 8 Laptops Take on Look, Feel of Tablets

Manufacturers at the trade show are unveiling Windows 8 devices that blur the line between laptops and touch-enabled devices.

The Best New Ultrabooks

A wave of Ultrabooks—light, thin laptops that have more capabilities and fewer compromises than ever—is hitting the market. Here's a look at some of the current crop.

The Ultrabook Revolution

Laptops are undergoing radical change, with the latest crop of Ultrabooks leading the way.

Next-Generation Laptop Touch Keyboards and Touchpads on Their Way From Synaptics

Slim Ultrabooks may be able to slim down even more if this technology is adopted.