Don't-Miss Windows 7 Stories

Ballmer: Demand for Windows 8 exceeding Windows 7

Microsoft has seen strong initial demand for its Windows 8 operating system, CEO Steve Ballmer said Monday.

Windows 8 Upgrade Offer: $40, Even if Upgrading From Win XP

The promotion runs through January 31, 2013, and applies to purchases made through


Why Are You Still Using Windows XP?

A decade after its launch, and two major Windows releases later, Windows XP still remains the king of the desktop OS hill.

Windows Thin PC Extends Value of Legacy Hardware

Windows Thin PC (WinTPC) is nearing its official launch, and will soon enable Microsoft SA customers to get the most out of legacy hardware.

What You’ll Get in the Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK

Microsoft spills the beans on what's coming in its imminent Kinect for Windows SDK beta.

Windows 8 Release Delay is Great News: Here's Why

A source leaked that the release of Windows 8 will be in 2012--a delay that benefits everyone, especially Microsoft.

Microsoft Brings Windows Games to the Web This November

Microsoft plans to let you purchase and download games direct from a browser, no client required, but will it be enough to bolster its perennially lackluster Games for Windows service?

Windows 7 Set OS Sales Records, Microsoft Says

After a year on the market, Windows 7 is powering PCs, tablets, and netbooks in record numbers.


Microsoft's Windows Phone 7: No Tablets For You

Don't expect to see the Windows Phone 7 software popping up on tablets anytime soon; Microsoft has something else in mind.

Top 20 Microsoft LIVE Games of 2009 Ranked

Microsoft's Major Nelson releases a list of the top Xbox 360, Arcade, Original Xbox, Indie, and Games For Windows LIVE titles of 2009.

Hey Game Prices, Come on Down in 2010

Are years of unusually high-priced games coming to a close? EA Canada's Jason DeLong thinks so.

Final Fantasy XIV Online Beta Rolled Out

Square Enix launches beta signup page for next Final Fantasy massively online roleplaying game.

Games for Windows Live Adds 'Games on Demand' Downloads

Microsoft's tragically under-supported Games for Windows LIVE service gets full game downloads, but only launches with a handful.