Don't-Miss Windows 8 Stories

Panasonic launches its first 4K TV, teases arrival of 20-inch 4K tablet

Panasonic's first 4K HDTV try is the Smart Viera TX-L65WT600, which has a 65-inch screen and can display up to 60 frames per second.


VMware releases Fusion 6 to support OS X Mavericks, Windows 8.1

VMware has released the latest version of Fusion, its app for running Windows and other OSes on your Mac. Its chief focus: support the latest versions of OS X and Windows


Why Surface won't be submerged by Microsoft's Nokia acquisition

No, Surface isn't going away, and the Nokia acquisition may actually be a good thing for the fledgling hardware brand.

Lenovo ThinkPad T440s screen

Lenovo's ThinkPad T440 packs dual batteries, runs up to 17 hours

The ThinkPad T440, a laptop that comes with two batteries for up to 17 hours running time, and the ThinkPad X240, which also packs two batteries and gives up to 10 hours battery life, will be available worldwide this month.

Microsoft Surface in Palo Alto

Microsoft's Surface slates get permanent price drops, cheaper Touch Covers

No matter whether the cost reductions come as compensation for lackluster sales or to clear the way for a new generation of tablets, Microsoft's Surface slates just received a permanent price reduction.

Windows 8.1 won't rescue PC market this year, IDC says

The Windows 8 OS and high prices of PCs are reasons why people are looking at attractively priced tablets instead says one analyst.

Microsoft Steve Ballmer

Ballmer departure could disrupt Microsoft's fragile transition plans

Microsoft's CEO couldn't have picked a more sensitive time to pack up his boxes.

Foursquare place page

Discovery-oriented Foursquare app arrives on Windows 8

Foursquare has delivered on its promise to develop for Windows 8. But you probably shouldn't expect to be checking in from your notebook PC.

Developers cry foul as PC, tablet makers get Windows 8.1

Microsoft has started sending Windows 8.1 to its hardware manufacturers, hitting the so-called RTM milestone for the much-awaited update to Windows 8.

Microsoft releases final version of Windows 8.1 to PC makers

Just 10 scant months after the release of Windows 8, the expansive Windows 8.1 update is officially done.

Windows Store ad firm sees evidence of new Surface slates, Nokia tablet in its server logs

Advertising firm AdDuplex claims its servers have been pinged by a new Surface RT slate, a new Surface Pro, and a new Windows tablet by Nokia.

Report: Windows 8.1 is ready to ship

According to multiple reports, Microsoft has released Windows 8.1 to manufacturing, known as RTM. That will give hardware makers time to test the new OS before its release on Oct. 18.

Surface RT usage skyrockets after steep price cuts

The Surface RT may not be selling as well as Microsoft hoped, but recent price cuts have created a BIG spike in usage, AdDuplex says.

Microsoft's next CEO: Let's handicap the candidates

With less than 12 months to decide on a replacement for Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer, members of the company's executive committee will have their work cut out for them. Here are five possibilities to fill the CEO post.

Skype logo

Why Skype still can't compete with iMessage (it's all about greed, grudges, and fear)

Skype is now baked into Windows 8.1, Xbox One, and But until Windows Phone gains momentum and the wireless carriers chill out, it will never become a mobile standby.