Don't-Miss Windows 8 Stories

Microsoft hopes for second chance with Windows 8.1

What does Microsoft need to accomplish at its BUILD developer's conference this week? Establish that it can listen to customers, analysts say.

windows blue 8.1

Windows 8.1 is ready for business, Gartner declares

Gartner is giving the thumbs up to Windows 8.1, crediting the operating system refresh with overcoming the major downsides of Windows 8.

Vizio ships its $600 Windows 8 tablet, but better tablet buys could be on the way

Vizio finally is shipping its first Windows 8 tablet, six long months after it debuted at CES. The Vizio 11.6” Windows 8 Tablet PC is now available for $600 but, if you're seriously considering a Windows 8 tablet right now, the best thing to do is wait.


How Samsung can save Windows 8 tablets

Samsung is the hero that Windows 8 tablets need but don't deserve.

Work Hard and Stay Portable with Windows 8 Tablets

Join the tablet revolution. Windows 8 tablets are light and thin enough to take anywhere, and powerful enough to use for work.

Samsung's mobile Ativ line enhanced with new tablets, thin-and-light laptops

Samsung expands its Ativ line with new tablets, thin-and-light laptops, and just a touch of Android.

Microsoft adding collaboration, more Office to Office Web Apps

Microsoft said Thursday that it plans to bring collaborative features to Office Web Apps, a feature that Google Apps has banked on for some time.

Facebook touch app for Windows 8

Microsoft's answer to the Facebook Win8 app question: pin a shortcut

As Microsoft rolls out new apps like Vevo for Windows 8, when should we expect a dedicated Windows 8 app for Facebook? The unofficial answer: try pinning a shortcut instead.

Microsoft launches security bounty programs for Windows 8.1 and IE 11 preview

Microsoft will pay security researchers for finding and reporting vulnerabilities in the preview version of its Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) browser, for finding novel techniques to bypass exploit mitigations present in Windows 8.1 or later versions, and for coming up with new ideas to defend against exploits.

Surface RT’s (still rumored) integration of Snapdragon 800 is welcome, but no cure-all

A Snapdragon 800 processor could give the Surface RT slate LTE capabilities and a big performance shot in the ARM (get it?), but Windows RT won't shine until some software woes are addressed.

Microsoft goes 'Windows Everywhere' with Best Buy takeovers, new ad

Over 500 Best Buys will integrate Windows Store-within-a-store boutiques, a partnership arriving as Microsoft shows off the depth of its ecosystem.

Project Spark for Xbox One

Project Spark for Xbox One lets you create the game

Microsoft’s Project Spark gives players the tools they need to create worlds and games, then share them online.

Computex 2013: Highlights from the Laptop and Tablet Extravaganza

Though Computex happens an ocean away from the United States, it’s a great show for PC lovers to keep an eye on. Here’s a roundup of our favorite gadgets from Computex 2013.


Bing translation app projects real-world translations over text, awkwardly

Microsoft ports the Windows Phone version of Bing Translator to Windows devices, complete with camera translation.

Warning! Users will have to reinstall all apps if they opt for Windows 8.1 beta

While the process to upgrade to the Windows 8.1 beta will be painless, there's a catch once the RTM version of Windows 8.1 drops.