Don't-Miss Windows 8 Stories

Microsoft to include Outlook app with update to Windows 8 RT

Microsoft is bringing its Outlook email program to Windows 8 RT in a bid to expand the availability of Windows tablets based on low-power ARM processors.

Halo Infiltrates Windows 8 Mobile Devices in July

The popular gaming franchise expands its reach with a new story and a new design.

College meets crowdsourcing with Microsoft's "Fund a PC" ChipIn campaign

Can't afford a new Windows PC ahead of your ramen-eating college days? Bug your friends and family!

Halo: Spartan Assault brings Microsoft's blockbuster series to Windows 8 and WP8

Microsoft's new-look operating systems are finally getting a Halo game of their own.

Windows Phone claws its way to 5.6 percent of U.S. sales

Microsoft's Windows Phone is still an underdog in the smartphone market, but it's starting to put up a decent fight.

Microsoft: Here's why businesses will want Windows 8.1

Security, manageability, flexibility: Microsoft executives outlined several undisclosed features of Windows 8.1 at its TechEd conference on Monday.

Lower license costs alone won't save Windows RT from extinction

Windows 8 is already getting all the love at Computex, so reports say Microsoft will slash hardware manufacturers' licensing costs for Windows RT in order to give the beleaguered ARM OS a boost.

Office on Surface Pro suggests a shift in Microsoft's sales strategy

Microsoft announced Wednesday that the Surface Pro tablets it will start selling in Japan on June 7 will come with a fully-functional copy of Office, a bundle one analyst said hints at a change in Microsoft's sales strategy for its homegrown hardware.


Microsoft outs the new features in Windows 8.1: Here's what you need to know

Microsoft has pulled back the curtain on Windows 8.1. Lots of changes are a-coming, and the Start button is back...kind of.

Microsoft eyes enterprise market with new services center in China

Microsoft is expanding its enterprise services in China with a new Global Service Delivery Center in the country, the second of its kind in the world, the company said Wednesday.

Start menu isn't back in Win 8.1, but some key features are

Microsoft customers clamoring for the incorporation of the Start button and menu into Windows 8 will get their wish partially fulfilled in the upcoming update of the OS.


New Start experience? Windows Blue is looking more like Windows Blah

If you're hoping for a Windows 7-styled Start Experience, it doesn't sound like it's happening.

Microsoft gives the Surface Pro a bigger SSD and tosses in Office 2013, with a catch

The Surface Pro is getting an upgraded storage option, Office 2013, and cool new touch covers—but not in the U.S.