Don't-Miss Windows 8 Stories

Windows Blue developer preview confirmed for late June

It seems like only yesterday that Microsoft first confirmed Windows Blue's existence, and the company has already announced plans for a developer preview release to go live at the BUILD conference in late June.


Windows chief's comments hint at a desktop resurgence in Windows Blue

Comments made by Windows boss Tami Reller in several recent interviews suggest desktop diehards may find a lot to like in Windows Blue.

Microsoft Looking to Make a Comeback in the Mobile Market

Bill Gates makes some arguments for the future of Windows in a new interview.

Asus readies small, sub-$300 Windows slates for release

Mere days after an Acer 8-inch Windows 8 tablet was accidentally leaked by Amazon, Asus announces plans for pint-sized slates of its own.


Microsoft: 100 million Windows 8 licenses sold, Blue coming later this year

Microsoft's update of its Windows 8 operating system, code-named Windows Blue, will be available later this year, supporting a variety of form factors and display sizes, and providing more options for both businesses and consumers.

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Gates sticks to company line on tablets, knocks iPad

Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill Gates Monday stuck to the company line on tablets, and disparaged rival Apple's iPad for its lack of a keyboard and its inability to run Office.

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Windows 8 app developers hunger for ad revenue

All through the month of April, ad-supported Windows 8 apps have gotten next to no ads. That means no revenue for developers. What gives?

Windows 8's complexity leaves it vulnerable, Kaspersky says

The complexity of the Windows 8 operating system has increased its vulnerability, according to a Kasperky Lab security specialist.

Amazon accidentally leaks world's first small-screen Windows 8 tablet

After months of rumors suggesting that small form factor Windows 8 tablets were on the horizon, Amazon accidentally leaked an 8.1-inch Acer slate before it was officially announced.

Acer waits for Windows RT 8.1 to make tablet decision

Acer is waiting for the next version of Windows RT, due in the second half of this year, before deciding whether to release a tablet that runs on that OS.

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Retailers share blame for poor Windows 8 sales

Retailers share part of the blame for poor Windows 8 sales and the ensuing decline of PC shipments, analysts contended Friday.

Toshiba to expand U.S. tablet offerings in 2013

Toshiba plans to expand its tablet offerings in the U.S. later this year as it explores more screen sizes and price points.

Windows 8 Update: 2nd-generation Surface tablets may debut next month

Microsoft may be revealing the second generation of its Surface tablets during its developers' conference next month, according to a printed report.