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Businesses want Windows 8 hybrids, not Windows RT, says Lenovo

While numerous vendors have released table devices that use Windows RT, Lenovo has gone with Windows 8 Pro for its ThinkPad Helix hybrid.

Scenes from a Microsoft store opening

What drew the crowds to a Microsoft Store in San Francisco this week? Would you believe Blake Shelton tickets?

Windows and Android Tablets Gain Ground on Appleā€™s iPad

A new study shows that Apple's competition has made serious strides since last year.

Windows 8 tablet sales: not terrible so far

In the first quarter of 2013, Windows 8 and RT devices accounted for 7.5 percent of the tablet market, with 3 million units shipped. That's up from 0 percent a year earlier, before Windows-based tablets were feasible.

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Microsoft to bring the Start button to Win 8, reports say

Microsoft appears ready to concede what virtually every critic, user, and analyst knows about Windows 8: the new OS needs the Start button back, badly.

Windows 8 Laptop

The best Windows 8 machines you can buy today

Our top tablet, laptop, and desktop picks from the first generation of Windows 8 hardware are touch-friendly and ready to change your expectations of what a computer should be.

Microsoft: Mum's again the word on Windows 8 sales

Even though PC shipments were down 14% last quarter, Microsoft's Windows division posted revenue about the same as the last year, making up for slumping sales to OEMs with growth in long-term licensing agreements sold to enterprises.

Windows Blue Rumored to be the Return of the Start Button

Microsoft's Windows Blue update coming this summer may allow users to access the desktop version of Windows.

Windows Blue may bring back boot-to-desktop, Start button

A pair of reports have Microsoft considering a boot-to-desktop option in Windows Blue, an update to Windows 8 that's expected to arrive this summer.

Skulls Of The Shogun - PCWorld Update

Skulls Of The Shogun - PCWorld Update


Bing Windows 8 apps updated, boosting RSS functions

Microsoft has updated more members of its Windows 8 apps, notably enhancing Bing News with an RSS feeder to take advantage of Google's abandonment of its Reader.

The 10 most glaring Windows Store no-shows

The Windows Store is bulking up with time, but Microsoft's app market still has some painfully conspicuous omissions.

A 7-inch Surface tablet will be D.O.A. without a killer app

Rumors of a 7-inch Surface tablet abound, but simply shrinking the screen size won't be enough woo would-be Nexus 7 and iPad mini buyers over to a Windows tablet.

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Microsoft extends Windows 8 management features for IT pros

Microsoft has released the latest version of its Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) suite of IT management tools, an upgrade that deepens its ability to manage Windows 8 PC deployments.