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Microsoft's Windows 10 Build 10052 solves phone-bricking problems

Microsoft's new Build 10052 of Windows 10 for phones doesn't add features, but it should solve the problems of Lumia 520 owners who were burned by an earlier build.

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Former Windows Phone designer defends Windows 10's big, controversial changes

The sad truth for Windows Phone fans is that the old design didn't work, according to a former Office for Windows Phone designer.

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Microsoft's universal Office apps coming to Windows 10 phone preview in April

Microsoft will replace Office Mobile with its new Office 'universal' apps, but you'll need a Windows 10 phone to receive the new benefits.

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Microsoft halts Windows 10 Preview for most popular Windows Phone in the world after bricked device reports

Reports of bricked devices prompt Microsoft to pull the Windows 10 Preview for the Lumia 520 and two other phones.

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Why is Microsoft dismantling Windows Phone's best feature?

Windows 10 ignores the rise of large smartphones, and puts the important interface elements out of reach.

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Hands on: Windows 10 Build 10051 brings impressive new features to phones, but slowly

You can see the improvements, but we're a little surprised Microsoft released alpha code this balky.

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Microsoft says it will kill Internet Explorer for phones as it rolls out new Windows 10 build

Microsoft has released Build 10051 of the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones, adding the Project Spartan browser, plus new or updated Mail, Calendar, Maps, Phone, and Messaging apps.

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This fake Microsoft Surface phone is the flagship smartphone we want

Microsoft has promised new flagship phones to coincide with Windows 10. If only this completely fake Surface phone was one of them.

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Microsoft: New Windows 10 technical preview for phones will be released Friday

Microsoft needs to make a splash with its new release, the first since February.

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Windows 10 Preview coming to more phones: Is yours on the list?

Microsoft expects the next preview build of Windows 10 to support 36 Nokia Lumia smartphones.

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Here are five moves Microsoft must make to resuscitate Windows phones

Microsoft's years of missed mobile opportunities have taken a toll, but it's not too late for a comeback

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Windows 10 hardware specs allow for huge phones and teeny tablets

Phones with screens up to 8 inches diagonally? Tablets as small as 7 inches? Microsoft sets some broad, overlapping spec ranges for mobile devices, especially Windows 10 for phones.

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Microsoft's Windows 10 for phones already gaining momentum

Smartphone makers and chip companies announce support for Microsoft's Windows 10 handset OS.