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PCWorld Show Episode II: Tanking tablets, the SwiftKey acquisition, and the new Windows phone

In this week's episode of the PCWorld Show, we ponder why PCs are killing tablets, why Microsoft would buy SwiftKey, why anyone would make a new Windows phone, and why we love (or hate) USB-C.

windows 10 aio

Windows 10 Redstone Insider seeds are on the way

Patience, grasshopper: According to Microsoft's Gabe Aul, a new build will come to Windows Insiders in "a few more days." Meanwhile, a new Windows 10 Mobile Insider build is now available.

Acer Liquid Jade Primo display dock

Hands-on with the Acer Liquid Jade Primo Windows Phone

Acer gives us some hands-on time with its new flagship Windows Phone, and we like what we see.

Acer Liquid Jade Primo: Finally a new third-party flagship Windows phone

Acer says that it will begin shipping its Liquid Jade Primo phone next month, with what appears to be some premium specs. But when will it ship to the U.S.?

acer liquid jade primo horizontal

Acer's Liquid Jade Primo just became the new flagship Windows Phone

Acer says that it will begin shipping its Liquid Jade Primo phone next month, with what appears to be some premium specs. But when will it ship to the United States?


The $139 Lumia 550 is the cheapest Windows 10 Mobile phone yet

Microsoft's Lumia 550, the cheapest Windows 10 mobile phone, goes on sale in “select markets” today.

returned tablet notifications

If you return a tech gift this Christmas, make sure you erase all your data first

Mark Hachman discovered that the open box tablet he purchased still was keyed to a prior account. Don't make the same mistake.

nokia lumia 520 windows phone 8.1 ru

IDC: Windows Phone down 10 percent as smartphone growth slows

Global smartphone market growth is slowing down, increasing by just 9.8 percent this year -- the first time growth has slowed into the single digits, IDC said.

nokia x2 group

Steve Ballmer thinks the future of Windows Phone is Android—and he may be right

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer reportedly claims that the solution to the Windows app problem is to go all in on Android. But how, exactly?

microsoft lumia 950xl hand

Windows 10 Mobile gets an end-of-life date, surrounded by mystery

Microsoft promises at least two years of “incremental” updates for Windows 10 Mobile.


Microsoft's Lumia 950 Windows 10 phone gets a Nov. 20 release date on AT&T

AT&T gets the Lumia 950 on November 20, but don't call it exclusive.

pcwdigitaledition primary nov15

PCWorld's November Digital Edition: Meet the Surface Book

Enjoy the best of in a curated Enhanced Edition for Android, iOS, and Kindle, or in a PDF Replica Edition.

microsoft lumia 950xl hand

Microsoft earnings show plunging phone revenue and uncertain future for Lumias

Microsoft's phone business suffers a disastrous quarter as it feels the effects of layoffs. Will new phones make a difference? We won't know for a while.

belfiore 6 build 2014

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore will take several months off after Windows 10 Mobile launches

The head of Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile team says he and his family will sail around the world.

windows 10 send message form pc large

Microsoft's new Windows 10 build allows you to text from your PC, but it's the bug fixes that impress

Microsoft's new Windows 10 Mobile Build 10572 will alert your PC if you've missed a call, and will let you send a text from your PC as well. But as with the previous build, you'll need to upgrade from Windows Phone 8.1 again.

The Lumia 950

Here’s how Windows 10 Mobile updates will work

Microsoft will deliver Windows 10 Mobile updates itself, but with help from wireless carriers.

Lumia 950 ship date

We now know when Windows 10 Mobile will 'launch'

Microsoft appears to have clarified when Windows 10 Mobile will formally be released, both on new devices and on updates for older phones.