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PCWorld's November Digital Edition: Meet the Surface Book

Enjoy the best of in a curated Enhanced Edition for Android, iOS, and Kindle, or in a PDF Replica Edition.

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Microsoft earnings show plunging phone revenue and uncertain future for Lumias

Microsoft's phone business suffers a disastrous quarter as it feels the effects of layoffs. Will new phones make a difference? We won't know for a while.

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Microsoft's Joe Belfiore will take several months off after Windows 10 Mobile launches

The head of Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile team says he and his family will sail around the world.

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Microsoft's new Windows 10 build allows you to text from your PC, but it's the bug fixes that impress

Microsoft's new Windows 10 Mobile Build 10572 will alert your PC if you've missed a call, and will let you send a text from your PC as well. But as with the previous build, you'll need to upgrade from Windows Phone 8.1 again.

The Lumia 950

Here’s how Windows 10 Mobile updates will work

Microsoft will deliver Windows 10 Mobile updates itself, but with help from wireless carriers.

Lumia 950 ship date

We now know when Windows 10 Mobile will 'launch'

Microsoft appears to have clarified when Windows 10 Mobile will formally be released, both on new devices and on updates for older phones.

Microsoft Lumia 950XL hands-on: Here's the flagship we've been waiting for

Windows Phone fans are finally getting a standard-setting device, and none too soon. With a big, crisp screen, a great camera, and PC-like capabilities, this is a phone good enough to bring more users into the ecosystem--but only time will tell whether it does.

microsoft lumia 950xl hand

Hands on: Yes, Windows Phone fans, the Lumia 950XL is your long-awaited flagship

Aside from a small bug or two (and, um, who's going to sell them?) Microsoft's new Lumia 950XL, Lumia 950, and Lumia 550 seem like solid contenders.

Lumia 950: What you need to know

The Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL can connect to a full size monitor and keyboard to run like a desktop.

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Microsoft's 7 biggest new hardware reveals: Surface Book laptop, Windows 10 Lumias and more

Microsoft's massive device event used stunning new hardware like the Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, and Lumia 950 to sing the song of Windows 10's capabilities.


Microsoft's flagship Lumia 950 and 950XL will lead Windows 10 Mobile with premium specs

The first Windows 10 flagship phones have high-quality cameras, liquid-cooled processors, and Continuum support.

lumia 950xl Microsoft Windows Phone

Microsoft's massive device launch: Expect new Surfaces, Lumia phones, and Band

October 6 will mark Microsoft's most important hardware launch in a year. Rumors are swirling about a new Surface Pro 4, at least two new Lumia smartphones, and even a new Microsoft Band. Here's what we expect to see on Tuesday.

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Microsoft's creating a Google Cardboard rival dubbed VR Kit

Microsoft's VR Kit will turn Windows phones into virtual reality headsets on the cheap.

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Detailed Microsoft Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL, Lumia 550 leaks confirm iris recognition

A big leak, apparently from an internal Microsoft presentation, appears to confirm the specifications of the Lumia 950, 950XL, and Lumia 550, along with a Microsoft Display Dock to plug them into.

lumia 950xl Microsoft Windows Phone

Three (and possibly four) new Lumias appear headed for Microsoft's October event

The most recent report by AdDuplex confirms the existence of a third new Lumia, at a time when Microsoft desperately needs new hardware to boost its struggling mobile platform. The study also found that about 5 percent of all Windows Phone owners are experimenting with Windows 10 Mobile.

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Windows devices account for 80% of malware infections transmitted via mobile networks

Microsoft may have just a single-digit slice of the mobile market, but there's one segment of mobile it's winning: Malware infections delivered via mobile networks.

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Windows 10 Mobile build 10536 adds one-handed mode, better Photos management

The latest Windows 10 Mobile build 10536, adds a couple of new features. But the upgrade process is extra labyrinthine, and Lumia 1020 owners may want to skip it entirely.