Don't-Miss Windows Phone Stories

nokianormandy primary

How Nokia's fake Windows phone could save the real one

The rumored 'Normandy' Android phone could be "training wheels" for a Windows Phone, with Android apps and cloud services to help lure in users.

nokiaandmicrosoft2 primary

How to make Microsoft great again, one Nokia phone at a time

Five lessons Microsoft could digest from the business it's about to swallow.

nokia update

Nokia's Lumia Black update brings new apps and features to older Lumia devices

The update includes folders, Bluetooth LE support, and Nokia's Glance screen 2.0, as well as the company's new suite of camera apps.


windows phone facebook dec. 13 conglomerate

Facebook for Windows Phone gains secondary Live Tiles

The Microsoft-authored Facebook app now allows you to monitor specific pictures or posts.

Microsoft gifts Windows Phone users with 20GB of free SkyDrive storage

Ho ho ho! Microsoft's getting into the holiday spirit—but the gift of SkyDrive has a few strings attached.