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Roku's new universal Windows 10 app avoids Windows Phones

Another big app goes UWP and another big app ignores mobile completely. Wasn't it supposed to be easy to port these apps to mobile?

n7 spin 2

Samsung's Notebook 7 Spin wants to be your binge-watching partner this summer

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin rolls out this Sunday with a Full HD screen and an HDR mode.

A Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10

Microsoft's gift for PC builders: associate Windows 10 licenses with your Microsoft ID

As Microsoft hurtles towards the release of its major Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the company has introduced a tool that's supposed to help PC owners solve common problems with activating the operating system on their computers.

opera browser primary

Google, Microsoft and Opera keep bickering over whose browser eats more battery

The browser power struggle continues. Opera Software disputed Microsoft's claim that Edge, the default browser in Windows 10, consumes less power on a laptop than Opera's flagship. Google shouldered in to defend Chrome. Can't we all get along?

win phone hand main

Windows 10 phones finally gain NFC payment support as Wallet 2.0 rolls out in preview

Microsoft started pushing its Wallet. 2.0 app to Windows Insiders, bringing much-needed NFC tap-to-pay support to Windows 10 phones.


Microsoft disses Chrome's atrocious battery life to bolster Windows 10's Edge

If all you want out of your browser is good battery life for your laptop then Edge just might be the browser for you.

windows 10

New Windows 10 preview's Start Fresh tool banishes bloatware from your PC

Windows 10 preview build 14367 is boring with a capital "B," and that's really exciting.

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Windows 10 preview tweak asks where to install massive Windows Store apps

Gamers considering Windows Store purchases instead of downloads from Steam or GOG have one more feature that may sway them to the dark side.

xbox one s

Xbox One keyboard and mouse support teased as PCs and consoles draw closer together

Pretty soon you'll be able to run circles around your controller-centric friends on the Xbox One thanks to keyboard and mouse support.

microsoft headquarters

Microsoft fixes critical flaws in Windows, IE, Edge, and Office

Microsoft has fixed over 40 vulnerabilities in its products Tuesday, including critical ones in Windows, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Office.

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Major Windows 10 update nears as Microsoft stops adding features to previews

Microsoft is hurtling towards the consumer release of its big Windows 10 Anniversary Update with the latest beta build for its operating system. Testers are being enlisted in a "Bug Bash" to help find and fix issues.

apple siri macos sierra search

Siri wins this round: How Apple's digital assistant made Cortana look bad at WWDC

Apple is moving Siri to the Mac this fall, where the macOS Sierra release will pit Apple's digital assistant against Cortana. Microsoft is going to get a run for its money, it appears.

Lumia 640 beauty 2

Report: NFC tap-to-pay coming soon to Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft Wallet 2.0, coming as part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, will let you pay via NFC credit card terminals, and will support loyalty cards from a range of US-based merchants.

pcwdigitaledition primary june16

PCWorld's June Digital Edition: Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Enjoy the best of in a curated Enhanced Edition for Android and iOS, or in a PDF Replica Edition.

A Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10

New Windows 10 build brings Ink improvements, container support

Microsoft has released a new beta build of Windows 10 aimed at enhancing various aspects of the operating system as the company hurtles toward releasing a major update in the coming months.