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Elop rises, Larson-Green falls in Microsoft CEO handicapping

With Stephen Elop tapped to run Microsoft's devices division, the former Microsoft exec has jumped ahead in the pack of candidates vying to replace CEO Steve Ballmer.


Windows 8 beats Vista's adoption rate in its first year

Microsoft got some good news from metrics company Net Applications, which said Windows 8's user share in August is now larger than Vista's at the same point in the latter's post-launch timeline.

Windows XP's user share nose-dives

Maybe people are listening to Microsoft's demand that they ditch Windows XP.

Microsoft will still patch Windows XP for a select group

Just because Microsoft doesn't plan on giving Windows XP patches to the public after April 8, 2014, doesn't mean it's going to stop making those patches; but it will distribute them very selectively.

Who will be Microsoft's new CEO? Place your bets -- literally

Think you know who will be Microsoft's next chief executive? U.K. betting house Ladbrokes is betting that the odds-on favorite will come from outside the company.

Steve Ballmer's wackiest, craziest, downright funniest moments at Microsoft

When Steve Ballmer retires from Microsoft, the tech world is going to lose a whole lot of funny.

Microsoft's next CEO: Let's handicap the candidates

With less than 12 months to decide on a replacement for Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer, members of the company's executive committee will have their work cut out for them. Here are five possibilities to fill the CEO post.

Sayonara, Steve: How a new Microsoft CEO can breathe new life into Windows

A new Microsoft CEO can reshape the company in ways Steve simply can't at this stage of his career, and that could be a boon for besmirched desktop lovers.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to retire within 12 months

It's the end of an insanely profitable era as Microsoft moves into a mobile-tinged future.

Windows 3D workflow

Microsoft details 3D printing in Windows 8.1

Window's new 3D printing integrations points to Microsoft betting that 3D printers will become a ubiquitous desktop accessory.

Zero day forever--move away from Windows XP, now

In a new post, Microsoft reminds users--again--that Windows XP support ends in April. But this time, Microsoft attempts to demonstrate the security risks of XP.

windows rt

Analysts call rumored Nokia Windows RT tablet plans bizarre

Putting out a tablet when other vendors are stepping away from the unpopular OS makes little sense, say analysts, who think Nokia should focus on its struggling smartphone business.

It's game over for Games for Windows Live: Microsoft shutters PC marketplace

Microsoft shutters the marketplace for its PC games distribution service, effectively plunging it into limbo.

Windows XP's retirement could spark a hacker feeding frenzy

Cyber criminals will bank their Windows XP zero-day vulnerabilities until after Microsoft stops patching the aged operating system next April, a security expert argued today.

Lenovo's Reach cloud service aims to replace local apps

Lenovo opens its Reach consumer cloud service for public preview. Reach is a "cloud-desktop" service through which applications can be launched without downloading and installing them locally on mobile devices and PCs.