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9 reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10 -- yet

Many Windows users are looking forward to the imminent release of Microsoft's new operating system. But they may want to wait.

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Windows testers who haven't updated to the latest build will lose Store access

With less than a week before the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft wants all of its testers running the newest bits.

rise of the tomb raider

Microsoft's Windows 10 Store app will finally sell some decent games

Microsoft has a well-established and well-organized Xbox game store, but Windows has inexplicably lagged behind, until now.

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Microsoft's upgrade app won't let GeForce GTX 980 Ti owners reserve Windows 10

If you're living on the bleeding edge with a GeForce GTX 980 Ti, you aren't currently able to live on the bleeding edge with Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system.


Windows 10: What to expect on July 29

If you're not a Windows Insider, you may have to wait past launch day as Microsoft rolls out the upgrade in waves.

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Intel, Microsoft working to squash Windows 10 battery life bug

Intel acknowledged Thursday that it is working with Microsoft to eliminate a bug that can cut battery life of Windows 10 PCs.

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Windows 10 Build 10240 is what you'll find on Windows 10 PCs

Windows 10 is "Windows Forever" -- which means, somewhat existentially, that you will probably always have the last build.

PCWorld News

Nadella: Despite cloud push, on-premises products still matter to Microsoft

Microsoft's CEO isn't giving up on the company's on-premises tools even as the company continues to promote Azure

Windows 10 ninja cat T rex

Celebrate the Windows 10 'ninjacat' meme with new Microsoft desktop wallpapers

Somehow cats riding fire-breathing unicorns became the symbol of Windows 10. So, naturally, Microsoft is delivering custom wallpapers.

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Cortana headed to many new markets later this year

Following the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft's virtual assistant will be available in a bunch more countries.

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Planning to pass on Windows 10? We want to hear why

If Windows 10 isn't your thing, we want to hear why.

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A tribute to Windows 8: If it hadn't been so bad, Windows 10 wouldn't be so good

Windows 8's pioneering features finally get their chance to shine in Windows 10, and only because Microsoft had to try again.

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Windows 10 launch events will include celebrities, concerts, and yes, upgrade help

Microsoft wants to bring as many of its 1.5 billion Windows users as possible into the Windows 10 fold, and it's starting with events designed to get people into its stores.

windows store at best buy

Windows Insiders will get 20 percent off on Windows 10 launch day

Windows Insiders will receive a free 20 percent discount on PC hardware and accessories purchased from Windows Stores on launch day, and a chance at a free T-shirt, too.

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Windows 8.1 clearance sales begin as Windows 10 looms

With Windows 10 a few days away, vendors and stores have begun "clearance sales" of Windows 8.1 PCs.