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New attacks suggest leeway for patching Flash Player is shrinking

It took one week from Adobe's fix to mass exploitation for a recent Flash Player flaw

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After hitting Raspberry Pi 2, Windows 10 will head to Qualcomm's board

Qualcomm's DragonBoard 410c provides GPS, Wi-Fi and other features that Raspberry Pi 2 doesn't have

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OpenSSL fixes serious denial-of-service bug, 11 other flaws

The scare of a second Heartbleed was unjustified

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 10041, the first since January, with upgrades galore

Upgrades include simplifying the virtual desktop process, improving image management features, and squashing a mess o'bugs.

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Windows 10 hardware specs allow for huge phones and teeny tablets

Phones with screens up to 8 inches diagonally? Tablets as small as 7 inches? Microsoft sets some broad, overlapping spec ranges for mobile devices, especially Windows 10 for phones.

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Here's how Windows 10 upgrade paths will work

Upgrading to Windows 10 should be fairly painless if you've been keeping your existing version up to date.

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Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for software pirates, too

As the company focuses on cloud services, it may be willing to forgive and forget Windows piracy.

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Microsoft's Windows 10 deal with Xiaomi raises eyebrows

Microsoft will preview Windows 10 to select Xiaomi phone users

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Microsoft says Windows 10 could ship this summer, and new features keep coming

Microsoft said it plans a worldwide launch when Windows 10 ships this summer, along with possibly two big-name Windows Phone providers and some extra oomph for its apps store.

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Microsoft's Windows Hello will let you log in to Windows 10 with your face, finger, or eye

The latest Windows 10 technology that Microsoft has confirmed is Windows Hello, a biometric identification system that will recognize you and automatically log you in.

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EMET security tool updated to prevent VBScript God Mode attacks

Microsoft was forced to release EMET 5.2 again because customers experienced issues with the first variant

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Windows 10 does away with the reinstallation headaches

No more downloading update after update. Windows 10 installs and refreshes will save significant space compared to Windows 8.1, and take far less time, too.

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OpenSSL mystery patches due for release Thursday

No details are available yet, but one flaw is of 'high' severity