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HTC One M8 Windows

Vaio confirms its Windows Phone will be launched this week

Mere days after Microsoft reported plummeting sales for its own Lumia handsets, Vaio says it will launch its own Windows 10 Mobile phone. Whether third parties like Vaio and Acer can succeed where Microsoft hasn't remains an open question.

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Windows 10 usage skyrocketed in January

Windows 10's user share jumped in January by its second-largest one-month increase since its launch, data from analytics vendor Net Applications showed.

Data center servers

Windows Server 2016 could cost you more than you think

A few years back Microsoft switched from per-processor to per-core licensing in SQL Server, and now it's about to do the same thing with Windows Server 2016. You may not be thrilled with the results.

windows 95

You can run Windows 95 inside your browser now

Windows 95 now runs in a browser. Just don't expect to do much with it.

The Lumia 950

Microsoft's Lumia may be a dead phone walking, as sales continue to fall

Microsoft said Thursday that its Lumia smartphone revenue fell by 53 percent—and that it expected a similar drop this quarter as well. With Lumia's future looking dim, we can only hope that rumors of a Surface phone might come true later this year.

The PCWorld Show Episode 1: Surfacegate, spec leaks and teeny-tiny phones

Welcome to the first installment of PCWorld's first long-form video show! Florence Ion, Gordon Mah Ung and Jon Phillips discuss, analyze and goof on the most interesting news of the week.

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Preloading Windows 10 mobile apps like TripAdvisor is a desperation move for Microsoft

TripAdvisor said its app will come preloaded on millions of Windows 10 mobile and desktop devices—a practice most consumers despise, but one that Microsoft may be forced into.

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Windows 10 build 14251 fixes gaming bugs, but the roadmap for older phones is unclear

Call this Insider preview build 14251 a calm before the storm, as Microsoft tries to sync desktop and mobile Windows before further upgrades.

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Chrome 48 rolls out, Data Saver extension exits beta

The latest Chrome release doesn't offer a ton of new features for PC users, but there's a new-ish extension for compressing your data usage similar to what's available on Android.


How to make OneDrive your personal music streaming service with the Groove app

Windows 10's cloud storage and music player combo are just begging to store and stream your entire personal music collection.

Two new Vaios land in our laps: The flipping crazy Vaio Z and surprisingly tough Vaio S

The Vaio Z turns the 2-in-1 concept on its head, and the Vaio S practically begs to be bent.

pc antivirus

Tested: Microsoft’s Windows Defender antivirus is less awful than it used to be

Windows Defender has risen from dead last in independent testing to somewhere in the middle, actually outperforming some paid competitors.

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Last call for Windows 7: Microsoft's transitional list includes over 100 Skylake PCs

Microsoft's giving enterprises and some consumers a chance to buy new Skylake PCs running older Windows 7 or 8.1, with over 100 systems from Dell, HP, Lenovo, and NEC.

Windows Phone

Another glimmer of hope for Windows Phone: It can work on phones with Intel x86 chips

The Windows 10 Mobile OS—popularly known as Windows Phone—is now compatible with smartphones based on x86 chips, according to Microsoft.

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Windows 10 needed universal apps, and Dropbox made one, complete with Windows Hello

Dropbox took advantage of many of Windows 10's most intriguing app features, including notifications, quick search, and even biometric logins using Windows Hello.

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New Windows 10 preview build adds Edge history, but gamers should be wary

If you game on your PC, you might want to be careful with the new Insider build 11102 of Windows 10.

Synaptics' IronVeil imbues your mouse with biometric security and Windows Hello

There are already fingerprint readers out there promising easy integration with Windows Hello. Synaptics' solution builds it into peripherals you're already using.