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microsoft build conference

Microsoft Build 2015 recap: New Windows 10 details, holographic acid trips, and transformative Windows Phones

Office is getting smarter, and so is your phone. Read about all of Microsoft's ambitious plans from Build 2015 inside.

microsoft windows holographic 3d minecraft

Why Microsoft bought Minecraft: To showcase HoloLens' augmented reality

What does $2.5 billion get you? If you're a Microsoft, a really cool augmented reality demo.

Here's an Xbox One streaming games to Windows 10

Raw video from Microsoft Build, showing gameplay streamed from an Xbox One console to a Windows 10 laptop.


Here's how Windows 10 will launch, according to Microsoft

At the staggered pace Microsoft is planning, we'll be lucky if it doesn't take up the entire fall.

windows 10 number

Windows forever: Windows 10 builds will continue even after Microsoft ships it

Some Microsoft employees even refer to Windows 10 as “the last Windows,” because Microsoft's plan for perpetual Windows builds make a fixed release date less important.

Windows 10 Autodesk spark 3d printer

Windows 10 integrates Autodesk's open platform for 3D printing

3D printing in Microsoft's Windows 10 gets a boost with Autodesk's Spark 3D printing engine.


Microsoft relents a little after Windows 10 phone design backlash

After users freak out over sweeping design changes, Outlook Mail and Calendar will bring buttons back to the bottom of the screen.

Windows 10 Build 10074

Exploring Windows 10 Build 10074, in pictures

You'll see new Aero Glass, a smarter Cortana, and more.

windowsstorecrisis primary

Here's how Windows finally caught up to Microsoft's 'Windows everywhere' vision

With Windows 10 and its universal apps, Microsoft finally has a chance to take Windows where it's never gone before: everywhere.

windows 10 aero glass

Microsoft Windows 10 build 10074 tightens Cortana integration, adds Aero Glass

Most improvements polish the look and feel of Windows 10.

Build 2015: Windows 10 in 3 minutes

Microsoft wants Windows 10 on one billion devices in three years. Android and iOS developers will now be able to bring their apps and games to Windows 10.


How Microsoft plans to coax you into using more apps in Windows 10

Microsoft woos app developers with the promise of new promotional opportunities.

nadella build 2014 2

Catch up on Microsoft's Build 2015 keynote: Read our live blog from the event

Microsoft's developer's conference kicked off Wednesday morning, and PCWorld reported live. Find all the play-by-play here.

pcw gaming laptop primary

PC prices to go up later this year, Gartner warns

PC makers may also reduce features in laptops or desktops to keep prices stable

continuum phones

Microsoft's Continuum turns Windows 10 phones into tiny, full-blown Windows PCs

But the whole plan hinges on whether developers will embrace universal Windows apps.