Don't-Miss Windows Stories

Apple sees chance to compete with Office on the Web

Apple announced Monday it was working on browser-based versions of its iWork productivity applications, a move one analyst said challenged Microsoft's Office behemoth.

HP: Windows XP's demise will do more for PC sales than Windows 8

Hewlett-Packard executives say that the coming demise of Windows XP may do what Windows 8 could not, and that's boost PC sales significantly.

Windows Server 2012 R2 bulks up on storage and networking

The pending launch of Windows Server 2012 release 2 focuses on offering a number of advanced capabilities in storage and networking, which used to require the purchase of additional software, or even a full-fledged storage system.

Asus laptop/tablet hybrid runs Windows and Android

One of the most unique computers unveiled at this year's Computex is the Asus Transformer Book Trio. What looks like an ordinary laptop is actually two computers. Under the keyboard is a Windows PC based on an Intel Core i7 processor, and behind the screen is an Android computer running on an Intel Atom chip.

Microsoft TechEd focuses IT pros on the 'Cloud OS'

For the kickoff of Microsoft's annual North American TechEd conference, the company is urging administrators and IT professionals to think of it as the provider of the "Cloud OS."

Sea change in Microsoft's focus may force restructure of leadership

Microsoft is reportedly headed for a major organizational restructuring as the company continues its march towards becoming a devices-and-services company.


Microsoft: Here's why businesses will want Windows 8.1

Security, manageability, flexibility: Microsoft executives outlined several undisclosed features of Windows 8.1 at its TechEd conference on Monday.

Lower license costs alone won't save Windows RT from extinction

Windows 8 is already getting all the love at Computex, so reports say Microsoft will slash hardware manufacturers' licensing costs for Windows RT in order to give the beleaguered ARM OS a boost.

Next-generation Kinect for Windows won't be for the average user

The new-and-improved Kinect that's shipping with the Xbox One later this year will find its way to Windows in 2014. But don't expect it to replace your mouse and webcam.

Windows RT OS

Windows RT already needs an overhaul, analysts advise

One of Microsoft's top Windows executives said last week that the company is bullish about Windows RT, but analysts remain suspicious of RT's chances unless Microsoft makes changes.

internet explorer logo

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday features IE8 zero-day fix

Microsoft will issue ten security updates next week, two of them rated "critical," to patch 34 vulnerabilities, including a zero-day bug that has been used in recent attacks.

Why are you developing that set-top streaming device, Microsoft?

Microsoft is rumored to be developing a set-top streaming device. The move may have more to do with Microsoft's plans to open a production studio than competing with Roku.


PC makers see lower prices, less touch in Windows' future

Citing various PC industry executives in Asia, the Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft is being more receptive to their concerns, and could lower its licensing costs to compete with cheap tablets.

Windows RT OS

New boot firmware a step toward 64-bit Windows RT

A standards organization has created a boot environment for tablets and PCs that could potentially run a 64-bit version of Windows RT.