Don't-Miss Windows Stories

Monster Microsoft Patch Tuesday focuses on Windows, Explorer, Exchange

Microsoft issued 12 security updates, covering 57 vulnerabilities, one of the largest sets of security updates the company has ever released.

Bill Gates offers candid answers during Reddit's ask-me-anything-session

Several questions touched on technology and the personalities surrounding the industry

Not just Linux: Windows can 'brick' Samsung laptops too

'Do not use UEFI on any Samsung laptops,' developer advises

Hapless Vista turns 6, shuffles toward obscurity

Six years after its long-delayed but well-publicized release, Windows Vista now accounts for less than 6% of all Windows machines, according to Net Applications.

Is 'Windows Blue' a set of coordinated updates for all Microsoft products?

Reports say that the Blue project will release Microsoft's flagship operating system from its stale two-year to three-year upgrade cycle.

Microsoft preps monster security update for next week

Microsoft will issue 12 security updates next week, including two for Internet Explorer, that will patch a near-record 57 vulnerabilities in the browser, Windows, Office and the enterprise-critical Exchange Server email software.

wine logo

Wine project aims to bring Windows apps to Android

A Wine project developer showed off an early version of Wine for Windows, which would permit users to run Windows programs on Android devices; but installation may require more technical expertise than many users would like.

Questions linger after Microsoft reports earnings

Sales of Windows 8 helped Microsoft report nearly $6.4 billion in profit on $21.5 billion in revenue, but it remains to be seen whether the new OS is a success.

Lucrative Windows crapware market is exactly why we need app stores

Lucrative Windows crapware market is exactly why we need app stores.

Windows RT can be tweaked to run desktop apps, hacker says

A hacker has found a technically challenge workaround to enable legacy Windows apps to run on Windows RT, but most Surface users will probably want to let well enough alone.

Detect and remove rootkits with GMER

Rootkits are particularly insidious and hard to eradicate. A tool like GMER—one that is dedicated to detecting and removing rootkits—is often a better way to handle a suspected rootkit infection.

Microsoft to patch Windows 8, but stays mum on IE zero-day fix

Microsoft will release seven security updates next week -- including one rated critical for Windows 8 and Windows RT -- to patch 12 vulnerabilities in Windows, Office, SharePoint Server and the company's website design software.

microsoft internet explorer

Internet Explorer had a very good 2012

Internet Explorer regained some of its mojo and recaptured some of its lost market share in 2012.