Don't-Miss Windows Stories

Microsoft's chief researcher takes new role; will retire in 2014

Craig Mundie has left his role as Microsoft's chief research and strategy officer to become senior adviser to the CEO, as he winds down before retirement.

Microsoft's 13 biggest wins and fails of 2012

From daring gambles to blundering stumbles, Microsoft had one of the busiest years in all of high-tech. Let's recap the company's soaring wins and embarrassing losses.

Final Patch Tuesday of 2012 includes five 'critical' updates

Microsoft is finishing the year with seven new security bulletins--and five are rated 'critical'.


BlueStacks mulls a utility to run Android apps on Windows RT

The BlueStacks utility enables Android apps to run on PCs and Macs, and is considering making a version for Windows RT. If Microsoft permits it, the move would make hundreds of thousands of Android apps available on the Surface RT tablet.

Microsoft plans patches for IE10, Windows 8 next week

Microsoft today announced it will deliver seven security updates next week to patch 11 vulnerabilities, including the first that apply to Internet Explorer 10, the company's newest browser.

10 must-have features for Windows 9

Desktop users deserve a significant rethink of the Windows 8 gaffes and omissions for the next version of Windows

Windows 8 first-month sales outpacing Windows 7, but who's really buying?

Microsoft claims 40 million licenses sold since launch, but that number raises some questions.

Microsoft updates Visual Studio 2012 with Windows XP support

Microsoft's Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 supports Windows XP and lets users test their work more thoroughly.

Microsoft mulls opening UK stores to push consumer brand

UK high streets might be full of empty shops and closing down sales, but landlords could have found one tenant with good financial record interested in expanding its business – Microsoft.

Windows XP countdown clock ticks under 500 days

The Windows XP operating system will exit support April 8, 2014, when Microsoft serves users with their final security updates.

Steven Sinofsky of Microsoft

Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky, by the numbers

How many times he used 'fast and fluid' at Windows 8's intro, how much his division may have cost the company, and more

After Sinofsky, Microsoft must stop the secrecy, say analysts

The best move Microsoft could make after Steven Sinofsky's departure is to ditch the culture of secrecy he brought to Windows, analysts tell Computerworld.

Microsoft updates roadmap for Windows Embedded, more releases to come

Microsoft plans to release Windows Embedded Standard 8 next March, as the company aims to bring Windows 8 features to a whole host of devices outside the PC, including ATMs, information kiosks, advertising displays and even industrial machines.