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Here's how user feedback is shaping Windows 10

Microsoft has revealed how it uses the Windows Insider Program to change how Windows 10 is built.

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Toshiba will build a Cortana button into its Windows 10 laptops

Toshiba may be using the button to distinguish itself from other vendors rushing to ready Windows 10 hardware by this summer. It may also complement voice triggering of Cortana, which has been unreliable in beta.

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Latest build of Windows 10 rolls out to more testers

Members of the Windows Insider Program's 'Slow ring' can now install the next version of Windows 10, Build 10130.

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OpenSSL releases several patches but none for serious issues

The encryption application is still being fine-tuned after major flaws were found

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Terix to pay Oracle $58M in settlement over Solaris support

It also can no longer distribute Solaris patches to its customers

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Windows 10 will allow apps to actively scan their content for malware

Developers will be able to have their apps talk to the locally installed antivirus programs through a new API

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Microsoft's Work & Play Bundle v3 swaps Xbox Music for Netflix, gift cards

You'll save $240 or so choosing the latest version of Microsoft's Work and Play bundle, which tries something a little different this time around.

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Report: Windows 10 Mobile could ship in September

We don't know whether it will be the operating system or the phones, or both. A leaked document indicates "late next quarter," while the anonymous source says it could slip to October.

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VMware patches virtual machine escape issue on Windows

The updates also address denial-of-service issues in multiple products

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Windows 10, the wish list: 10 things users are still begging for

Tabbed Windows. A customizable login screen. Tens of thousands of votes have poured in for these features and more, but time's running out for these features to make it into Windows 10's launch version.

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Microsoft fixes buggy browser in Patch Tuesday update

Internet Explorer got 24 fixes in this month's Patch Tuesday, including 20 that cover critical vulnerabilities.

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Adobe fixes Flash Player flaws that could lead to info theft, malware attacks

The company also released updates for the AIR runtime on Windows, Mac and Android.


Skype Translator will head to the main Skype app in search of more data

Skype’s real-time language translator is impressive already, but it can’t get better without more data. So later this summer, Skype Translator Preview will break out of the Windows Store and become a feature in Skype’s main desktop software.