Current Version 1.0
Author Techphoebe Software
Price $40.00
License Type Trial
Date Added Jan 24, 2011
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Microsoft Windows 7
Description What is? QuickShare File Server is a hybrid ftp and http file server helps your sharing files easily and conveniently. Features [1] Powerful yet easy to use. For beginners, what's necessary is to specify a directory for downloads and uploads, and a helpful setup wizard is provided. For advanced users, many detailed settings (accounts, virtual folders, server ports, etc) can be customized. [2] No need for client software installing. Clients can download and upload files by web browsers (Microsoft IE/Mozilla Firefox/Opera/etc.) or ftp clients which many OS (such as Microsoft windows) has already build-in. [3] File Transfer between different operating system (Windows/Mac/Linux/Unix, etc). No matter what the client OS is, as long as it has a web browser or a ftp client. Almost every OS has these installed. [4] Supports virtual folders. Fed up with moving large files to server root or change server root? Virtual folders can help you. Just map the real folders you want to share to virtual folders. [5] Anonymous access and password protection are both supported. For conveniency, you can allow anynone accessing to your shared files. For security, your can create accounts and set passwords. You can specify the reading, writing, ftp accessing and http accessing attributes for each account. [6] Full customizeable http templete. You can design your own cool templete. And we also provide some beautiful templetes for your selection. [7] Monitor clients activities with logs, statistics. [8] Support most popular web browsers and download tools. QuickShare File Server has been tested on as much tools as possible (View detailed tools list). However, as QuickShare File Server is being implemented compliance with standards (detailed standard), other tools not listed are probably supported. [9] Supports resuming and multithread transfer. More efficiency! [10] Supports files larger than 4G byte. You can share files as big as you want. [11] Supports all basic FTP commands, plus more features, such as passive mode, resuming of file transfers. Who need? [1] File sharing Do you want to share your photos, videos, musics and other files to your friends or colleagues? [2] Email issues When you want to send files via email, but your file is too big or the file type is not allowed by the email system. [3] Large file transfer IM tools (such as MSN) transfers large files slowly and cannot be resumed after a broken connection. [4] Authentication(Protected) access Do you want to share files with friends with password protection? [5] Not to be an expert at http or ftp server setup Do you want to have your own ftp or http file server but bothering of the complicated configuration? [6] Send or receive files without stay beside computer After setting up QuickShare File Server, your clients can upload or download files at anytime, even you are not besiding your computer. [7] Sharing files with lots of people Use QuickShare File Server, you need not to send files to peoples one by one.

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