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Using Simmetrix with BlocksLab the user (age 3-12) acts, designs, builds, creates, paints, animates and learns using blocks, colored and geometric shapes. With these objects, through actions on the screen, girls and boys can interact and successfully build constructive projects. BlocksLab is based on concepts of active and constructivist pedagogy according to which the learning process is very important in the development of knowledge. The baby learns to actively program the computer. BlocksLab is a program for everyone. Integrated in this program are many features and facilities that do not necessarily imply good motor skills to interact. A new way to use computers at school and at home to act, develop ones thinking skills to formulate hypotheses and verify them through the construction of objects and relations between them. With BlocksLab you work using different palettes: blocks, glue to create and remove groups of blocks, background colors (the building activity has a background area that can also be painted), painting tools, the palette of actions (drag an object, make it talk, duplicate, etc..), and the palette of controls used to assign objects to different types of movement and action. The objects and functions are grouped into several optional kits. With the Simmetrix Kit, children experience learning geometry by formulating and testing important hypotheses about geometric shapes and symmetry. Simmetrix Kit consists of 15 blue blocks with a transparent background and 17 blue blocks with a white background. Each item of each kit can be used with all objects of other kits.

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