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Description * Millionaire Mind - Financial abundance for life Many individuals don't realize that of the many millionaires within our society a large percentage are the people next door. These people know that the key to financial success is not how much money you make but how much money you keep. Once you have mastered the fiscal responsibility necessary to save money on a month to month basis, you also need to increase your revenue potential. Cultivating the entrepreneur within allows you to start and grow business opportunities, whether they are investing or starting your own company. All of these financial activities start with the proper frame of mind. You must be able to cultivate a mind of entrepreneurship and even more importantly one of savings. Let Hypno-Doctor plant seeds subconsciously that are essential to your financial future by speaking to the following categories: o Business o Financial Success o Goals o Happiness o Health o Profession o Selling o Speaking o Success o Willpower o Worth

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