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Description Video Course with synchronized Slides and TOC This lecture teaches you how to take care yourself through TCM classic principals and views in health. It is a great chance to learn how to use TCM to make the good health for common people. The health care is the art of TCM, especial in Chinese classic, like Yellow Emperor Inner Classic. It has been used for thousands years in Chinese people. This lecture talks about health care through the classic view. It includes great helpful and useful information for current peoples self health care. The basic idea of health care in TCM is harmony between man and Nature. The health care key points are to balance yin and yang, as well as conform to Nature. There are many self health care ideas and principles in this lecture that tell you how to comply with health and reach the fundamental purpose.This lecture is not only good to TCM students, but also much helpful to common people who are interest to Chinese health care method.

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