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Description Video Course with synchronized Slides and TOC. General introduction of objective for the four courses concerning "Chinese Medicine out-patient medical record", as well as the collecting of primary information about the patient. This lecture tells how to write medical record in TCM, medical record in TCM includes two types: one is medical record for in-patient, the other is for out-patient, medical record for in-patient is only used in China, medial record for out-patient can be applied for both of China and abroad, here we will introduce the basic content of medical record in TCM for out-patient. Writing medical record in TCM for out-patient is a part of TCM diagnosis, the main content include: inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiring, palpation and general physical tests. The purpose to study how to write medical record is for better studying TCM diagnosis and understanding or grasping key points of TCM diagnosis. If we want to write good medical record, we need not only to know basic content of four diagnostic methods but also to know diagnosis and differentiation methods in TCM. So quality of your medical record can show your knowledge level of TCM, this lecture uses four hours to introduce four diagnostic methods and eight methods of differentiation. And keep tracking your medical record is always required by Law, once you treat patients as a professional practitioner.

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