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The Influenza Like Illness evaluation template can be used in either the outpatient or the inpatient setting by any health care provider. Prompters in the History of Present Illness (HPI) section assist health care providers in rapidly evaluating symptoms and risk factors for influenza, and permit ready documentation of recent vaccinations. The Past Medical, Social and Family History (PMSF) section has been streamlined to permit documentation of the most frequent chronic medical problems, functional status, risk factors and family history. The Exam section of the Influenza Like Illness evaluation template contains prompters for both pertinent positive and negative exam findings, and more space has been allocated for additional exam findings. The Impression and Plan section now has more space for documentation, and contains prompters for documentation of code status and Health Care Power of Attorney discussions. The Influenza Like Illness evaluation template, with its easy to use checkboxes and fillable textboxes, makes complete and thorough medical documentation faster and easier than ever before! Faster, easier documentation is important during every influenza season when all health care providers are at their busiest. The Influenza Like Illness evaluation template is vitally important this influenza season!

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Robert Robinson